Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dance, Dance

My love of dance is well-documented on this lil blog o' mine. I bought a 2nd dress specifically so I could dance at my reception. My bachelorette party was centered around dancing at a club. I try to dance on a daily basis, if only in front of my bathroom mirror for a few blissful minutes. And honestly, for a white girl, I'm not half bad.

I wish I could say the dance I'm most looking forward to at my wedding is my first dance with Josh or even my dance with my dad (but we all know how I feel about that). But no, the dance I'm most looking forward to is the one I'll do with one of my best friends (and a Groomsman), Tyrone.


Ladies and ladies, may I present to you, Get Me Bodied:

 Yes, that is Queen B, Miss Beyonce. I love her, Tyrone thinks he *is* her on occasion, and at my wedding we will pay tribute to her fabulosity. The song came out a few years ago and has stayed in my "Dance Mix" rotation ever since. If I need a pick me up? I play that song. Getting ready? I play that song. Itchin' to dance? Well, you get the picture.

I've had most of the moves down for awhile now, but I've been brushing up on it the past few days and will continue this week. To get an idea of how serious this is, let me show you the text I sent to Tyrone last night:

"I'm watching "Get Me Bodied" from The Beyonce Experience on YouTube right now. Better practice that, bitch. We got a performance a week from tonight."

And then another this afternoon:

"Just practiced our dance in my pumps. We got this. So fucking excited!!"

I'm not messing around. Tyrone get into town on Thursday afternoon and TRUST, we will be doing a run-through. Now, I'm not planning on really announcing this "performance" of sorts. Tyrone and I will probably just start dancing and if people notice, great. If not, their loss!

What dance, if any, are you most looking forward to at your reception?


  1. Puh-leease get a video of this. Thank you. :)

  2. I'm with Laura I need a video.....I laughed out loud so hard at your post, you are too funny. I need to stop reading yours at work before I get fired...."better practice that, bitch" LMAO!!!!!