Friday, July 23, 2010

Gettin' Buzzed

Buzzz buzzzzz!!!!

What's that sound, you ask? It's the sound of 20+ Bees and Weddingbee readers descending upon Ping Pong Dim Sum in DC's Chinatown.

Last weekend the fabulous Mrs. Pencils posted about plans for a DC WB meet-up and you KNOW I was all about that. I convinced my WB-novice bff Claire (of A Realistic Wedding) to accompany me. Weddingbee is a fantastic community and I knew once she met some of the girls she'd get into it.

We had such a fun time and definitely ran the joint.

Can you spot the Bees?

The Ping Pong site calls these "little steamed parcels of deliciousness." I'd have to agree.

Me and Claire! Excuse the shininess, it was hot. 
Ps, is that how shininess is spelled? It looks weird.

This is Megan. She is adorable. Read her blog.

Everyone was incredibly nice and I hope we can keep in touch. Since I'm new to the DC area I need some girls to hang out with! Let's do it again soon, ladies!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Antiguan Antics: Our "WTF?" Massage

My good friend Kelly has a whole blog dedicated to the awkward situations she gets in. I only hope the story I'm about to tell meets her standards.

Josh and I knew we wanted some kind of massage or other spa treatment on our honeymoon. Our package came with a $250 credit and I'm aaallll about "free" stuff (I'm sure that $250 was hidden somewhere in the cost of our honeymoon.) Early in the week we headed to Red Lane Spa to check out what it had to offer.

A lovely (and tiny!) woman told us all about their spa and recommended a few services we might enjoy. We decided on something called Champagne Romance Couple's Massage or something close to that. She even threw in a complimentary body scrub. We were given a day/time (Thursday afternoon) to come in and instructed to remember our camera. This should have been my first indication that this may be rather strange.

Thursday rolled around and after lounging on the beach for a few hours (and getting *really* red) we headed to the spa. After being welcomed by the staff we were lead to private changing rooms and given bathrobes and slippers. Josh was nervous about the "fully naked" part, but I assured him it was normal and no one would see his peeps.

Everything looked perfectly normal at first glance. There was a nice soaking tub:

And a shower:

And towels with flowers:

Nice and spa-like. Our scrub was first and unfortunately for me it hurt like hell. Remember how I said I got *really* red earlier in the day? Right. Really red plus salt scrub equals ouchies. After the scrub we were told to get up and go shower. Together. Naked.

But first! We had to get off the massage table. Naked. In front of the massage ladies. We did a little turn over, wrap the towel song and dance and I'm pretty sure they didn't see anything. Not that I would have really cared necessarily, it was just kinda weird.

Ok, so we shower (together, naked) and the ladies return about 10 minutes later. It was weird but we got through it.

Next up, the massage! This was heavenly, no complaints.

But then...then they tell us to get in the tub. Together. Naked. Again, we did the towel song and dance to get off the table, but then we still needed to get in the tub. So the massage ladies helped us with that and it was SO WEIRD.

Josh went first. His masseuse held up a towel to shield him from her while he awkwardly stepped into the tub. Then it was my turn and I did the same with my masseuse. Like before I'm pretty sure they didn't see anything (when did I all of a sudden become so modest?).

Now we're in the tub. The ladies bring out a plate of fruit and 2 glasses of champagne. We start awkwardly sipping and eating while one of the girls gets our camera. The following pictures document our "tub time."

Oh, hi! Just sittin' here in a bubble bath with our champagne.

Mmm this champagne sure is tasty!

Fruit? Don't mind if I do!

Lady and the Tramp we are not.

Ok let's just kiss and get this over with.

Then they left us alone. "We'll be back in 20 minutes!" they said. This was probably the most awkward part of the whole thing. Were we supposed it? Because that was NOT going to happen. Hell no. Plus I had to pee really bad. I couldn't relax and honestly just wanted the whole thing to be over at this point. But no, we chilled there for 20 minutes and I thought to myself "When I do honeymoon recaps this is going to be the BEST story to tell." 

After all was said and done Josh took a few pics of me being, you guessed it, awkward in my robe.

Needless to say, it was a fairly enjoyable but incredibly uncomfortable experience. I knew I should have just got a damn manicure.

Have any of you experienced anything like this? Please tell me I'm not alone. And since we're all friends here, would you have "done it" in the tub??

Friday, July 16, 2010

Antiguan Antics: Hot Nights, Cool Drinks, & Sweet Peeps

Josh and I are really social people. We love to go out, meet people, and generally have a good time with friends, both new and old. Frankly, we're not all that interested in hanging out with *only* each other because eventually we run out of things to say. So, we make friends! Our honeymoon was no exception.

We met some of the nicest people on the planet in Antigua. The vast majority of the couples vacationing were on their honeymoon and many shared our wedding date. It was a great ice breaker!

On our first night we met a lovely British couples, Mick and Serena. We went to a beach party and asked to sit with them since all of the tables were taken. Best decision ever! We spent the next few days hanging out with them during the day and at night. They also introduced us to a Scottish couple, Claire and Darren.

L-R: Me, Josh, Mick, Serena, Claire, Darren

Also noteworthy: people from across the pond know how to drink. Do not think you can out-drink them because I assure you, you cannot.

We also met a really nice couple from Philly, Raye and Matt. The night we met Raye and Matt was the same night I drank about a bottle and a half of wine. Therefore, they got to experience "wine-drunk Emily." (Something everyone should experience at least once in their life.) I knew Raye and I would get along amazingly well when she suggested we go dancing at the pub with the DJ. Oh yes, this girl and I will do just fine. 

Needless to say, Raye and I were the only ones dancing at the pub. And here are a few pics from that night:

Sweat about sums it up.

Oh, Emily...

The next day Raye told us that when she got back to the room that night she apparently wrote herself a message for the following morning: "Emily. Green dress. So much fun!" When she woke up the next morning she didn't even remember writing it! 

Here are the four of us on Raye and Matt's last night in Antigua:

L-R: Matt, Raye, me, Josh. Terrible lighting but you get the idea

Josh even saw someone he knew from college! Very small world. We spent a good deal of time with them and a few other couples as well. 

I highly recommend making friends with other couples while honeymooning. We have awesome memories of not only spending time with each other, but with our new friends as well. 

Are you part of a social butterfly couple? Is one of you more outgoing than the other? 

Up next, the awkward massage story.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Real Wedding? Us? Really?

Last week I got an email from Ted Linczak, one half of our fabulous photographers, Linczak Photography (ps, expect massive pimping of them on here. Sorry in advance.) telling me that wedding photography blog Cake and Pictures was interested in using our wedding on their blog. Um HELL YES.

Today I got word that our Cleveland wedding was featured as a Daily Destination! They used words like "fresh" and "modern." Oh, and they called me a "knockout." Who, me? Yes, me :)

So please head on over to Cake and Pictures and show them some loooove. They feature some FAB weddings from all over the country. Maybe you could rep your city!

Antiguan Antics: Sandals Overview

Josh booked us a fabulous room at Sandals Grande Antigua. We really wanted something all-inclusive and in the Caribbean. We're beach vacation people and after the wedding I didn't want to think. About anything. For a week. So I didn't and it was pure bliss. We slept (a lot), we ate (even more), and we drank (oh man, did we drink).

The grounds at Sandals Antigua are beautiful. Here is a little tour of the grounds of our home away from home. (Very picture heavy!)

View from our balcony. 
Through the trees you can see the pool and past that, the ocean.

Another pool that is actually not for swimming. 
I think they held wedding-related events here.

Private villas with plunge pools. Sadly these were out of our price range.

The building where we stayed. The other side of the resort is all villas.


Cool fountain.

Entry of the resort. I tried to get this guy out of the pic, but I don't think he got it.

Life size chess board. We never played. I'm a checkers kind of gal, anyway.

And here are a few photos of our beautiful room:

Oh hell yes. 

Bragging rights if you can tell me what movie is playing in the background.

Our awesome balcony

The huge tub that we never used. Sad face :(

The shower head was one of those "rain" type things. I didn't like it, not enough pressure. Also didn't like how exposed I felt. There was no door separating the bathroom from the hallway of the suite and the door was right there. I'm a VERY private bathroom person so this was uncomfortable even though it was only Josh.

At least there was a door to the toilet.

Double sinks!! Thank ya, Jesus!

If you want to see some nicer pics please check out the Sandals Grande Antigua website.

What kind of honeymoon are you planning? Are you the maxin' and relaxin' type or the go-go-go type?

Up next, what we did for 6 days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Antiguan Antics: Flyin' first class...

...up in the sky. Hopefully you have the classic Fergie Ferg song "Glamorous" in your head now. You're welcome :)

Back when Josh booked our honeymoon my mom offered to upgrade us to first class on our "long leg" (about 5 hours). Thanks, Mom!! Let me say, we were spoiled. First class is really nice and if you can swing it I *totally* recommend it for your honeymoon, especially if you have a ridiculous flight schedule.

I didn't want to look like a total nerd-o and take pics of everything, but here are a few.

Satellite TV! And what did I watch? Basketball Wives, of course! The only thing that sucked is TV shows didn't work when we flew over the ocean so we were stuck with some pretty crappy movies. When in Rome, anyone?

But the food more than made up for it (and hello, we were in first class, why am I complaining?). We were given a menu (a MENU!) with some super yummy choices. Josh and I both got a duet of veal and beef with rice and veggies. Delish!

On our return flight we were served shrimp cocktail (um, what??), yummy salad, and stuffed shells (which I didn't take a picture of.) Sorry it's kinda blurry. Damn cell phone.

Oh and you totally get warm, moist towels, too. I have no idea why (and honestly I think it's kind of silly), but still sort of cool. I guess? You also get a blanket that I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to take, but I totally did.

This next pic has nothing to do with flying first class, but it has everything to do with poor hygiene and airport etiquette.

Need a better look?

Dude is freakin' barefoot! In an AIRPORT. Come on, guy. This was in the San Juan airport where they have the hands-down nastiest bathrooms I've ever had the "pleasure" of visiting.

Am I totally nerdy for thinking first class is a bit deal? Have you ever flown in first?

Up next, a tour of our resort!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Antiguan Antics: The Honeymoon Begins!

Ok friends, it's time for some recaps. I don't have pro pics back, but I *do* have a ton of pics from our honeymoon in....


If you'll remember way back in January I told you Josh planned our whole honeymoon and planned to keep it a secret from me until the day of the wedding. He ended up spilling the beans in the card he wrote me that I opened the morning of the wedding. Very sweet :)

Very early on the morning of May 23 (as in the ungodly hour known as 4:30am) we headed to the airport and began our journey! Exhausted but super excited, we recounted stories of the night before and updated our respective Facebook statuses (gotta love this technological age we live in). I also spotted a famous person waiting at our gate! I knew right away who he was.

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels from the famous hip-hop group Run DMC!! No entourage, just chillin' by himself. I didn't go up to him because let's face it, it was 6am and no one wants to be talked to at that hour.  Josh was like, "How the heck did you know that was him?" Duh, babe, I'm a hip-hop aficionado!

This was our crazy flight schedule:

Cleveland to Newark, NJ
Newark, NJ to San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan to Antigua.

We left Cleveland around 6:30am and arrived in Antigua 8:30pm. You guys...that's a long ass day. But we didn't kill each other! We even managed to snag a fairly cute pic during our 4 hour layover in Newark.

We don't look THAT bad, right?

My curls were still intact from my wedding hair and it actually looked decent once I put on a headband. Score 1 point for vanity! But I have to be honest, my vanity was about to take a beating. Let me explain.

I did my own make up for my wedding. I brought my make up bag in the limo with me and to the venue so I could touch it up whenever I needed. I kept said make up and make up bag locked in our venue coordinator's office along with some other personal items (ie, my big dress that I changed out of after cocktail hour). Some one was to retrieve all items from the office and take them to their respective places (home, my hotel room, etc). Guess what one item was left in that office after the wedding was over and the venue closed for the night. If you guessed make up bag DING DING DING you're right.

Long story short, I was without my make up for my honeymoon. This may not seem like a big deal to some girls, but to me this was, to be blunt, a tragedy of epic proportions. I loooove make up. Wearing it, applying it, buying it...loooove.

I ended up buying some crappy, overpriced make up at the airport and made do for the rest of the trip. And by "made do" I mean complained and probably made my husband hate me just a little. Let's just say I'll be buying some reserve, travel-only make up REAL soon.

Have you ever forgotten anything critical on vacation?

Up next...our First Class experience!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A link you'll love

By now you've all heard me gush over our photographers, Ted and Rachel Linczak of Linczak Photography. I seriously LOVE them (in a very stalker-ish kind of way). Well, they've given me yet another reason to fawn all over them.

We've been blogged!!

And they didn't just post 4 or 5 pics. Oh no, they posted over 40 (FORTY). WHAT? That's unheard of. Not only that, but they wrote some of the kindest words about us and our wedding day. It made me cry because I'm a big baby and I love them so much.

So please, head on over to their blog and take a peek at the photos. You won't be disappointed. And then comment because I know they love comments. Then "Like" them on Facebook because they update with teasers all the time and we all love wedding pictures.

Ted and Rachel, if you're reading this, I know I've told you a million times already, but THANK YOU so much for everything. You're the best photographers a bride could ever ask for. I almost want to get pregnant now so you can do a maternity shoot and then a newborn shoot for me. Notice how I said *almost* :)

Oh and stay tuned because this week I'm going to start honeymoon recaps!! Trust me, you'll want to keep checking for the awkward massage story...oh yes, it's really is as awkward as that sounds.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chop me up!

Everyone's doing it. It's the "cool" thing to do, post-wedding. And I'm the latest bride to hop on the PWC bandwagon.


Post-Wedding Chop, of course! My long hair was getting out of control and it was definitely time to chop it off. Since I moved to the DC area I had to find a new person to do my hair. Luckily I had no problem choosing one because my SIL is an extremely talented stylist who works at a salon only 30 minutes away! I knew she would do a great job and wasn't nervous at all.

Here is a reminder of my crazy, curly hair. This was taken 2 days before the wedding so by the time I cut my hair it was even a bit longer.

And here I am with my beautiful and talented SIL right after the cut!

And a close up (sorry for the not-so-great cell quality):

And curly (this is at a pool party so it's not really "done" to my liking, but you get the idea):

She chopped off a LOT of hair. Probably a good 3-4 inches, I'd say. I'm super happy with it, although I do think I'm going to start growing it out so it's about an inch longer. Then it'll be just about perfect!!

Did you do a PWC? Did you go super short or just a trim?

Ps, narcissistic much, Em? 4 pics of my silly mug in one post...lordy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An update

June 11 was the last time I posted. Life since then has been crazy. Let's take a look, shall we?

June 11-13: Spend the weekend with my bff (and BM) Claire doing things for her upcoming wedding.
June 13: Fly out to Mountain View, CA for Google training.
June 14-18: Google training; did the best out of our 17 person training group (pretty proud of myself for that one); thought I would have a ton of time to catch up on blogging but met awesome people and hung out with them every night after training.
June 19: Fly back to DC
June 20: Catch up on sleep
June 21: Begin first week out in the field; photograph businesses; pitch other businesses this awesome service; deal with some of the rudest individuals I've ever encountered; sweat my mother-effing balls off in the DC heat; hardly have any time to spend with my husband let alone live a normal life.
June 24: Have a mild job-induced meltdown; unsure if I can keep this up for 6 months; have Josh take a pic of me all dressed up in my Google polo and gear:

Laugh it up

June 25: Survived my first week! (barely)
Weekend: Amazing and intoxicating! (literally)
June 28: Week two! I can do this!
June 30: Have a major job-induced meltdown; can't stop crying; work for 2 hours then take the rest of the day off; decide I definitely cannot do this for 6 months; send in my "I quit" email (resignation sounds too formal); feel immediate sense of relief coupled with intense sense of failure.
4 day holiday weekend: Much needed, much enjoyed.

So, I quit the job with Google. Believe me when I say I did NOT want to do that. I'm not a quitter. But at the same time, I was incredibly unhappy and it was starting to affect my marriage and my sanity. Every night I would come home exhausted, cranky, and a gross sweaty mess. Then I'd have to do more work to prepare for the next day. It would be one thing if I was making a ton of money or enjoyed what I did...but neither of those things were the case.

After this week (I agreed to work 3 days this week) I'll be back on the job hunt. I need a real job. I need a real job doing what I really want to do.

In between job hunting I'm hoping to catch up on blogging, start those damn recaps, figure out what direction to take this blog, enjoy my new city, enjoy my husband, put my apartment together (I've been here for over a month and it's still a mess), and basically start my life as a married woman in a new city.

Thanks for sticking around. I definitely miss my readers, writing, comments (they're like crack, ya know), reading other blogs, etc. I promise not to be so MIA from now on. And I promise my next post will channel Kelly Killoren Bensimon and be full of rainbows and unicorns :)