Friday, July 16, 2010

Antiguan Antics: Hot Nights, Cool Drinks, & Sweet Peeps

Josh and I are really social people. We love to go out, meet people, and generally have a good time with friends, both new and old. Frankly, we're not all that interested in hanging out with *only* each other because eventually we run out of things to say. So, we make friends! Our honeymoon was no exception.

We met some of the nicest people on the planet in Antigua. The vast majority of the couples vacationing were on their honeymoon and many shared our wedding date. It was a great ice breaker!

On our first night we met a lovely British couples, Mick and Serena. We went to a beach party and asked to sit with them since all of the tables were taken. Best decision ever! We spent the next few days hanging out with them during the day and at night. They also introduced us to a Scottish couple, Claire and Darren.

L-R: Me, Josh, Mick, Serena, Claire, Darren

Also noteworthy: people from across the pond know how to drink. Do not think you can out-drink them because I assure you, you cannot.

We also met a really nice couple from Philly, Raye and Matt. The night we met Raye and Matt was the same night I drank about a bottle and a half of wine. Therefore, they got to experience "wine-drunk Emily." (Something everyone should experience at least once in their life.) I knew Raye and I would get along amazingly well when she suggested we go dancing at the pub with the DJ. Oh yes, this girl and I will do just fine. 

Needless to say, Raye and I were the only ones dancing at the pub. And here are a few pics from that night:

Sweat about sums it up.

Oh, Emily...

The next day Raye told us that when she got back to the room that night she apparently wrote herself a message for the following morning: "Emily. Green dress. So much fun!" When she woke up the next morning she didn't even remember writing it! 

Here are the four of us on Raye and Matt's last night in Antigua:

L-R: Matt, Raye, me, Josh. Terrible lighting but you get the idea

Josh even saw someone he knew from college! Very small world. We spent a good deal of time with them and a few other couples as well. 

I highly recommend making friends with other couples while honeymooning. We have awesome memories of not only spending time with each other, but with our new friends as well. 

Are you part of a social butterfly couple? Is one of you more outgoing than the other? 

Up next, the awkward massage story.


  1. 1) We totally made friends with everyone although we never met another set of honeymooners. Actually, we rarely met romantic couples. Something about World Cup doesn't scream "romantic holiday" to anyone but us.

    2) I SAW YOUR RESORT ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE LAST NIGHT! The Hubby and I don't watch a lot of tv but we decided to turn it on last night during dinner and I was like "EMMMMMMMM HONEYMOONED THERE" (which was met by a blank stare) so I continued, "MY BLLLLOOOOOGGGG FRIEND!"

  2. Ha ha im still laughing at your note 'people from across the pond know how to drink. Do not think you can out-drink them because I assure you, you cannot!

    Yep im afraid, that we do; especially us Scottish!

    We were on a group tour the first week of our honeymoon so me lots of lovely people then the 2nd week was a lot quieter but we met a couple that we both went to school with the guy then me & the girl were at the same hairdressers on the morning of our weddings on the same day - all the way on a tiny island in the maldives, small small world!

  3. That sounds like fun! I hope we can meet some other couples and hang with them some! :)

    I'm more reserved but my fiance is a social butterfly... he loves being around people! :)

  4. My husband is the more outgoing of the two of us, I don't like to talk to strangers :) We did meet some couples on our honeymoon including one that recognized me from my blog and already knew all about us and our wedding. Very weird yet very cool!

  5. We met a couple from England who had a suite a few rooms down from us, so we hung out with them pretty much the whole week. It was fun! I was hoping to meet more people, but oh well.

  6. Yes, we totally meet people whenever we travel...Mr Fix It is a total people person and will talk to anyone who walks across his path so watch out! But it does make for some great conversations.

    We met a couple from South Africa while in Bali and had such a great time with them that they invited us to come visit them in Durban and even mentioned wanting to come visit us here in Cali. We are now Facebook friends with them :) And all Mr Fix It talks about is our next vacay being a surf trip to South Africa!

    Mr Fix It also ran into a guy while surfing in Bali who was a friend of one of our friends. How the heck their conversation ended up with them coming to that realization is beyond me. The guy lives like 10 minutes from us. So funny how small the world can really become sometimes.

    I love these shots, I love your dresses and your faces. I love that you and Josh are like me and Mr Fix It (other than the fact that we don't drink) ;) It looks like you had a wonderful time. We also sat with a couple in the airport coming home from Cabo 2 years ago and it was so great sharing a table with strangers.

  7. Looks like so much fun, and how funny that she wrote that note and then didn't remember it! I will totally make friends with random strangers when we travel too, although on our honeymoon in a private house, we didn't have much opportunity.

  8. I definitely think that one of the big pluses of honeymooning at a Sandals or other all inclusive is that you'll run into a good deal of couples who are also honeymooning! When we were planning our honeymoon that didn't happen, I was trying to get Justin to understand that concept as well...but then again, he isn't the social butterfly that I am. Thankfully, I'm perfectly happy with being only with him all of the time.

    Annnnyway, I'd totally have been out and about with you too if we'd ran into each other I bet. I can't resist a good party and lots of wine...haha

  9. We didn't make many friends because B was so badly burned he was extremely antisocial and hid in the shade the whole time (also- he's very shy.) Not for lack of trying though on my part! I love the wine drunk Em pictures. You crack me up!!!

  10. Mr. Milk is far more social and outgoing than I, but this usually means I tag along and have a great time :) I am sure we will meet people on our honeymoon. I love your pics! And Raye's msg to herself! hehehe