Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Antiguan Antics: Flyin' first class...

...up in the sky. Hopefully you have the classic Fergie Ferg song "Glamorous" in your head now. You're welcome :)

Back when Josh booked our honeymoon my mom offered to upgrade us to first class on our "long leg" (about 5 hours). Thanks, Mom!! Let me say, we were spoiled. First class is really nice and if you can swing it I *totally* recommend it for your honeymoon, especially if you have a ridiculous flight schedule.

I didn't want to look like a total nerd-o and take pics of everything, but here are a few.

Satellite TV! And what did I watch? Basketball Wives, of course! The only thing that sucked is TV shows didn't work when we flew over the ocean so we were stuck with some pretty crappy movies. When in Rome, anyone?

But the food more than made up for it (and hello, we were in first class, why am I complaining?). We were given a menu (a MENU!) with some super yummy choices. Josh and I both got a duet of veal and beef with rice and veggies. Delish!

On our return flight we were served shrimp cocktail (um, what??), yummy salad, and stuffed shells (which I didn't take a picture of.) Sorry it's kinda blurry. Damn cell phone.

Oh and you totally get warm, moist towels, too. I have no idea why (and honestly I think it's kind of silly), but still sort of cool. I guess? You also get a blanket that I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to take, but I totally did.

This next pic has nothing to do with flying first class, but it has everything to do with poor hygiene and airport etiquette.

Need a better look?

Dude is freakin' barefoot! In an AIRPORT. Come on, guy. This was in the San Juan airport where they have the hands-down nastiest bathrooms I've ever had the "pleasure" of visiting.

Am I totally nerdy for thinking first class is a bit deal? Have you ever flown in first?

Up next, a tour of our resort!


  1. I would totally think it's a big deal...that is awesome! And wtf that guy with no shoes?!

  2. I've never flown first class but I'd love to for our honeymoon. And ew--that guy is gross.

  3. Still haven't flown in first... we took Jet Blue for our Honeymoon and they don't offer first class because they say EVERY seat is first class... a little overboard and not 100% accurate but you do get comfy seats, lots of leg room, and sattelite. I love flying JB. I so remember the foot post on Twitter... hahahah :)

  4. Jealous! I would have loved to fly first class on our honeymoon, but it was not worth the $2k per person upgrade! I also wonder what the wet towels are for too....

  5. Totally jealous! I definitely would've thought it was a big deal! And I remember you posting that picture on Twitter - what is he thinking?! That's disgusting anywhere, but especially in the San Juan airport.

  6. Swanky! So jealous! Would love to fly first class for our honeymoon!

  7. I have never flown in first class and would have absolutely loved it for our 13 hour flight from LAX to Australia! Thankfully we still had good food and decent tv shows and movies to watch on our personal tvs. Good airlines I guess. But I was still fully jealous of the super cool seat/beds that the first class passengers had :(

    Lucky girl! And that guy is sick for the bare feet...silly.

  8. I haven't had the pleasure of flying first class as of yet, but you better believe that if we're on a long flight, I might have to demand that Justin get it for us. The one time I seriously wish that we had first class was when my family and I flew to London on an overnight flight. I couldn't sleep barely a wink because my chair didn't really recline much and I already have a hard time with being calm/relaxed on airplanes! So glad you guys were able to enjoy being super swanky ;)

  9. I love reading your posts because you always crack me up and make me laugh out loud really hard! LMAO at the tool with no shoes on in a dirty ass place, YUK!
    I have never flown but if I do I will have to save up for first class.

  10. "This next pic has nothing to do with flying first class, but it has everything to do with poor hygiene and airport etiquette."

    YOU CRACK ME UP! I snarfed my chocolate milk when I saw that.

  11. I would love to fly first class!

  12. Oh my gosh, we are TOTALLY meant to be BFF! I forgot to mention the warm, moist towels. I kind of awkwardly held them up to my face, but I really didn't want to, because of my makeup (vain). Also, I seriously wanted to jack the blanket, but I didn't :(