Thursday, July 15, 2010

Antiguan Antics: Sandals Overview

Josh booked us a fabulous room at Sandals Grande Antigua. We really wanted something all-inclusive and in the Caribbean. We're beach vacation people and after the wedding I didn't want to think. About anything. For a week. So I didn't and it was pure bliss. We slept (a lot), we ate (even more), and we drank (oh man, did we drink).

The grounds at Sandals Antigua are beautiful. Here is a little tour of the grounds of our home away from home. (Very picture heavy!)

View from our balcony. 
Through the trees you can see the pool and past that, the ocean.

Another pool that is actually not for swimming. 
I think they held wedding-related events here.

Private villas with plunge pools. Sadly these were out of our price range.

The building where we stayed. The other side of the resort is all villas.


Cool fountain.

Entry of the resort. I tried to get this guy out of the pic, but I don't think he got it.

Life size chess board. We never played. I'm a checkers kind of gal, anyway.

And here are a few photos of our beautiful room:

Oh hell yes. 

Bragging rights if you can tell me what movie is playing in the background.

Our awesome balcony

The huge tub that we never used. Sad face :(

The shower head was one of those "rain" type things. I didn't like it, not enough pressure. Also didn't like how exposed I felt. There was no door separating the bathroom from the hallway of the suite and the door was right there. I'm a VERY private bathroom person so this was uncomfortable even though it was only Josh.

At least there was a door to the toilet.

Double sinks!! Thank ya, Jesus!

If you want to see some nicer pics please check out the Sandals Grande Antigua website.

What kind of honeymoon are you planning? Are you the maxin' and relaxin' type or the go-go-go type?

Up next, what we did for 6 days.


  1. Clueless? Its too early for a quiz! I went to Antigua as a little girl with my dad and I've wanted to go back ever since. For living so darn close, that is the only time I've ever been to the Caribbean!
    This looks like a ton of fun and I'm glad ya'lls had a great time!

  2. We are going to Sandals for sure, but just not sure if we want Antigua or St. Lucia...would you highly suggest Antigua?! It looks gorgeous! What sort of activities did they have, like zip lining, snorkling, anything like that?

  3. Um... I love I love I love... I'm also sad that you did not use that tub hahaha it looks amazing! We are hoping to do all inclusive to somewhere pretty, now I want to go there, too bad tickets to Antigua from Saskatchewan (even all inclusive deals) are insanely priced. It looks like you had a blast, I love the resort and it's prettiness.

    Yeah, that's totally clueless... I just can't quite remember what part, maybe right after she failed her drivers test and was just getting home?

  4. Deffff Clueless, it's one of me and the hubs favorites! That looks amazing... might have to put that for one of our anniversary trips!

  5. I couldn't tell what the movie was but I believe the girls are right about Clueless.

    We had a private villa with a plunge pool :) But definitely at a cost :(

    Funny...I am not a private person with Mr Fix It. We are all around the bathroom with each other :) And we didn't use the tub in our resort either. Not sure why, just didn't.

    But that place looks amazing! So pretty.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful resort! I've always been interested in Sandals, they have so many different options.

  7. CLUELESS!!!! Love that movie. Looks like a beautiful resort! :)

  8. First of all, that's Clueless, OBV.

    Second, LOVE SANDALS! We'd def do another Sandals vacay... we loved ours!

  9. Gorgeous!! I wanna go soooo badddd!

  10. Wow - that mini fridge/bar looks freakin sweeeet. The room looked gorgeous....I don't know that I'd be able to leave at the end of the trip!

  11. Looks gorgeous! Weird about the bathroom thing tho!

    We had different hotels for our 1st week then had a private water villa with a plunge pool for the 2nd but it cost a fortune!!!!