Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Antiguan Antics: The Honeymoon Begins!

Ok friends, it's time for some recaps. I don't have pro pics back, but I *do* have a ton of pics from our honeymoon in....


If you'll remember way back in January I told you Josh planned our whole honeymoon and planned to keep it a secret from me until the day of the wedding. He ended up spilling the beans in the card he wrote me that I opened the morning of the wedding. Very sweet :)

Very early on the morning of May 23 (as in the ungodly hour known as 4:30am) we headed to the airport and began our journey! Exhausted but super excited, we recounted stories of the night before and updated our respective Facebook statuses (gotta love this technological age we live in). I also spotted a famous person waiting at our gate! I knew right away who he was.

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels from the famous hip-hop group Run DMC!! No entourage, just chillin' by himself. I didn't go up to him because let's face it, it was 6am and no one wants to be talked to at that hour.  Josh was like, "How the heck did you know that was him?" Duh, babe, I'm a hip-hop aficionado!

This was our crazy flight schedule:

Cleveland to Newark, NJ
Newark, NJ to San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan to Antigua.

We left Cleveland around 6:30am and arrived in Antigua 8:30pm. You guys...that's a long ass day. But we didn't kill each other! We even managed to snag a fairly cute pic during our 4 hour layover in Newark.

We don't look THAT bad, right?

My curls were still intact from my wedding hair and it actually looked decent once I put on a headband. Score 1 point for vanity! But I have to be honest, my vanity was about to take a beating. Let me explain.

I did my own make up for my wedding. I brought my make up bag in the limo with me and to the venue so I could touch it up whenever I needed. I kept said make up and make up bag locked in our venue coordinator's office along with some other personal items (ie, my big dress that I changed out of after cocktail hour). Some one was to retrieve all items from the office and take them to their respective places (home, my hotel room, etc). Guess what one item was left in that office after the wedding was over and the venue closed for the night. If you guessed make up bag DING DING DING you're right.

Long story short, I was without my make up for my honeymoon. This may not seem like a big deal to some girls, but to me this was, to be blunt, a tragedy of epic proportions. I loooove make up. Wearing it, applying it, buying it...loooove.

I ended up buying some crappy, overpriced make up at the airport and made do for the rest of the trip. And by "made do" I mean complained and probably made my husband hate me just a little. Let's just say I'll be buying some reserve, travel-only make up REAL soon.

Have you ever forgotten anything critical on vacation?

Up next...our First Class experience!


  1. I am now watching old Run DMC videos on YouTube thank you. Hahah...

    If that's you're "not that bad pic" you don't want to see me on a bad day, because lady you two look smashing! I love the curls, I wish I could keep curls in my freaking thin hair!

    I think I would cry if I forgot my make up. I don't wear much of it, but without a little powder I shine like a greasy monkey and without some mascara my eyes disappear.

    YAY FOR RECAPS. I can't wait.

  2. I've forgotten my make-up once - the first time I went to Vegas as an adult. I was so crushed when I realized it too. Luckily our hotel was right by Sephora, so we would stop every morning or night before going out and I'd do my make there with the samples. Hahaha
    I love that Josh planned your entire honeymoon as a surprise. I tried to get Jason to do that but we ended up planning it together.

  3. Bummer about the makeup. The only things that didn't seem to make it home with us were some stationery items that I was hoping to save as keepsakes. We packed most of the stuff up ourselves at the very end of the night and then my coordinator took home a ton of things with her and stored them til we returned from the honeymoon :)

    I honestly don't even think I put makeup on during our honeymoon..maybe 1 or 2 nights when we went out to a really nice dinner. But other than that, it was out in the sun and just some lip gloss each day.

    I think I am going to be disgustingly jealous when I hear of your first class experience. Sucky!

    And I got ya beat on the travel day - ours was like 21 hours total with the time change and gain/loss of a day there and back.

  4. losing makeup is a horrible thing. having your mac eyeshadow pallet with 15 colors breaking all over is also a horrible thing. both have happened to me :(

  5. Ahh, I would be so pissed! Can I just say I am SO excited to see pictures from your honeymoon?! I want to go to Antigua SO bad!

  6. I can't wait to

    I kid you not I buy all my make up in 2's. That way I have back-ups. I'm a little nuts :)

  7. So cool that you saw Darryl McDaniels in person! But sorry to hear about your makeup being left behind, I would have been pretty bummed too.

  8. Thanks for the shout out, I e-mailed that to Jenna a year ago...I can't believe how long my hair's gotten!

    I'll definitely take your tanning advice, thank you!

    I'd be a mess if my makeup got left behind like that, good thing the airport had SOMETHING, right?

  9. Ahhhh I would die if I didn't have my makeup either. I don't wear ridiculous amounts of it, but I feel so completely naked if I don't have a light foundation, mascara, and my eyebrow powder...ahhhh I would have freaked out :( But I'm glad that it turned out ok in the end!

  10. omg... I would FREAK OUT if I didn't have makeup. I don't know what I'd do. I mean, luckily we had a day between our wedding and honeymoon but if I forgot it... B would definitely hate me.

  11. Although I didnt wear it that often on honeymoon; I would have been annoyed if I forgot it!

    We had a pretty long flight too, from UK to Sri Lanka but we didnt leave till the monday after the wedding so had time to get stuff sorted in between!