Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beaches and tanning and sun, oh my!

Wanna know what's on my mind right now?


See, I live in Cleveland. If you know anything about Cleveland, you know that it's friggin' COLD here pretty much 7 months out of the year. It's snowy and icey and all-around miserable. So right now I'm fantasizing about the trip we'll begin the morning after our wedding. Our first trip as husband and wife. OMGIMSOEXCITED!!!

Now, I'd love nothing more than to tell you where we're going. It would give me so much pleasure to rattle off the name of the resort and tell you what activities we're planning on doing while we're there. But I can't.

WAIT! Before you head for the comments and call me a meany-face, let me explain: I don't actually know where we're going. Not because it's not planned. Oh no, it's planned, alright. The thing is, I had nothing to do with the planning. Josh did it all by himself and he's keeping it a surprise until we leave!!

At first this made me a little, um, nervous? Anxious? Sick to my stomach? Panic attack-y? I couldn't believe I agreed to let him plan the whole thing alone. But once I started thinking about it, it made sense. Planning vacations is my crack. Reading reviews and researching the best deals can occupy me for hours days weeks. Because I know this about myself (I'm incredibly self-aware. It's a gift.) I knew that I could very well go crazy planning this honeymoon. And honestly, I don't need to add "honeymoon planning" to the list of sh*t I have to do for this wedding. So he planned it all and has kept me almost completely in the dark. All I have to do is pack and say "I do!"

Here are the things I do know:

Location: Carribbean
Climate: Hot (duh)
Resort Type: All-inclusive (Actually, I know it's a Sandal's resort.)
Possible Islands: Antigua, Jamaica, St. Lucia

Ok, so maybe I know a liiiitle bit. But not enough for my taste. I want to know what the room looks like. I want to know what restaurants we get to choose from. And damn it, I want to know how close we are to the pool!

Therein lies the problem: I'm a peeker. I know where he keeps all the info about our honeymoon. I WANNA PEEEEEEK!! And I need you all to stop me.

So in the comments please tell me how disappointed Josh would be if he knew that I found out. Make me feel guilty for even thinking such thoughts. And please, tell me where you're going so I can be excited with you!!


  1. we sound too much alike and it cracks me up... but one big DIFF- your soon too be hubby is SOOOOO not like mine! hehe it's sweet that he is planning something very very special for the two of you. Alos, think about all the cute little butterflies that he will have as his excitment builds up in surprising you with all of his hard work in planning- DONT PEEK, I repeat DONT PEEEEEEEEK!! I only wish my lovie was planning a surprise trip to New Zealand... {sorry dreaming} anyway... we leave for Cabo in um.... 28 days for our wedding and we will then be Honeymooning it for 5 days alone after everyone is headed back home to Minny!

  2. Keep it a surprise! It'll be really romantic :o) I'm sure it'll be amazing, whichever destination it is!

  3. I plan vacations like that too!

    Think about how thrilling it's going to be to pack yours suitcases with a wedding ring on your finger and have your new husband grinning wildly at you because he is so excited to show you what he's been working on!

  4. Don't peek!!!! What a fun surprise for you, seriously! After all of the stress of the wedding, how great will it be to wake up and have Josh say, "Ok, we're going to Jamaica/Antigua/St. Lucia!" Think of it like this...the delicious anticipation of opening your Christmas gifts is never as good when you know what you're getting. So thrive on the delicious anticipation of, for once, NOT knowing and NOT being in charge!

    This is such a fun way for Josh to do it, I think. Seriously! :)

  5. What a great surprise! We’ll be heading to Hawaii for a cruise around the islands. I can’t wait!

  6. We are considering those same places...and Sandals too. That is crazy! I think any of them will be great so how awesome is it that you get to be surprised!

  7. Ahh, I could never do that! David's brother did that for his wife.. She had absolutely no idea (no hints even!) where they were going until they got to the airport. He just told her to pack for warm weather. Crazy! But you've made it this far, so don't peek now!

    I'm sure you've already seen between my blog and Twitter where we're going, but hey, I'll post it again just in case! I can't waaaiiittt!! http://realresorts.com/The_Royal_Cancun/

  8. We're going to Sandals Dunn's River Villaggio in Ocho Rios Jamaica!! I'll let ya know how it is! ;)

  9. Ooooh yayyy so excited that it is booked! I, like you, would be dying to know! I am pretty positive that Justin wouldn't be able to keep it a secret from me if he planned it himself...and he knew that he needed my input. We ended up with a great place...I'm excited to blog about it soon!

    And...we were also looking at the Sandals in those three locations...I hope its Antigua ;) That was the one we really liked the looks of, and one of my sorority sisters just went there a few months back and raved about it :)