Thursday, January 21, 2010

A happy ending

So yesterday I told you about how the hotel I wanted to book for my guests thought that a basketball game was more important than my wedding. Thanks so much for reading and commenting because it really felt sooo good to get all of that off my chest.

Now on to happier things! The hotel we ended up booking is ten thousand times nicer and VERY cool. First of all, it is located in the tallest building in Cleveland. Now I know that's not saying much compared to the Empire State Building or anything, but it's still interesting. Here is a picture of the Cleveland skyline.

Our hotel is the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center. Their customer service was excellent and the rate they were able to offer our guests ($114/night) was perfect. It's in the heart of downtown, close to our venue and many other attractions. Here are a few more photos.*

Entrance of the hotel. I can't wait to take pictures in front of that fountain!

Chic hotel lobby. Maybe we can take some bridal portraits here?

Guest room. I hope my guests get a nice view of Lake Erie (which you can see in this photo.)

Nice roomy bathroom. Very important for getting ready.

Hotel bar...maybe for some post-reception drinkies?

Or maybe we'll decide to get a 'lil wet-n-wild after the reception!

I'm really excited! Many of our guests are from Josh's hometown, about an hour south of Cleveland. I can't wait to show off MY hometown and spoil them with a really nice hotel (for a pretty decent price!)

We also reserved a suite for Friday and Saturday nights. I'll stay there alone on Friday night and get ready with the girls on Saturday morning. Then Josh will join me for some grown folk business on Saturday night ;) Bow chicka wow woooowwww!! Oh who am I kidding, my ass will probably be asleep on the ride back to the hotel.

I'm so glad we have all of this squared away. It was definitely a stressful few days for Josh and me (let's be serious, mostly me.)


  1. It looks like a fantastic spot! You’ll definitely get great pictures!

  2. Looks great! I'm sure your guests will love it! Glad it all worked out ok for you guys

  3. That looks wonderful! And that picture of the swimming pool reminded me of this picture I saw of the whole bridal party jumping in the pool after the reception - I wish I could upload it here!

  4. It sounds perfect! And it's gorgeous - definitely would work for pictures. I'm glad this story has a happy ending! (But still bitch out the other hotel. K thanks.)


  5. Wow, looks like a lovely hotel! Glad you got it all worked's nice to have it done and booked, right? :)