Monday, January 11, 2010

A dress fit for the MOB

Nooo, not THAT mob! This MOB:

That's right, this weekend my mom finally bought her dress for the wedding! Finding a dress for her was probably more difficult than finding MY dress. After months of searching (she started trying on dresses in September), the dress was ordered this weekend. Wanna see?

Not your typical Mother-of-the-Bride dress, huh? My mom's main goal was to look and feel amazing, not matronly. The woman has an amazing body and works incredibly hard for it. The unfortunate reality is that many MOB dresses are, well, ugly. A boxy jacket and long skirt were not going to cut it for this MOBILF (hahaha I slay me).

So we decided to take a different route and started looking at bridesmaid dresses. We took a trip to the fabulous Leonardo's Bridal and Formal Boutique and tried on a thousand dresses. Ok, maybe it was more like 8-10 dresses, but it seemed like more. This was the first one she put on and from then on I *knew* it was the one. Mom wasn't convinced, so we left the store empty handed. After another shopping trip where we hit Nordstrom, Saks, and Dillards that also left her dress-less, the search halted for a bit. This weekend we decided to go back to Leonardo's to try on a few more dresses and hopefully seal the deal. With a joyful heart I can now say that the search is over!

Want the details? Here ya go!
Designer: Wtoo Bridesmaids
Color: Black (Yes, my BMs will also be in black. No, my mother is not mourning the loss of her daughter, she just doesn't like to wear color.)
Price: I want to say around $250? I wasn't at the counter when she paid, but I think that's what I overheard.
Fabric: Chiffon

My mom is going to look amazing!! Now begins the search for the MOG dress. I have to do this all over again? Lord help me! (Disclaimer: I love my FMIL and I can't wait to go shopping for a dress with her. She's going to look beautiful!)

Was the search for your mom's dress long and drawn out or wham, bam, thank ya ma'am?


  1. You mom is so pretty!!! I love the dress she selected...can't wait to see her in it!

  2. How gorgeous, she's going to look like the hot mama she is!

    My mom is prob going to go the J Crew route. And as far as Ryan's mom goes..dress shopping with her is the one duty I gave to Ryan's sister (they're bridesmaids). I just do not want to go there!

  3. my mother's {MOB dress} was "long and drawn out" but oh so worth the wait. We live in MN and went as far as spending 3 days of our Florida vacation this past summer dress hunting... found something on the last day! She will look wonderful and it is also so NOT your traditional MOG dress- she beams in it- she even asked for a special necklace for her bday to accent it! she is excited.

  4. Hey Em,

    This is going to sound completely bizarre, but I'm a reporter for the Washington Post who came across your Twitter feed, and something you posted made me think you might be a good person to interview for a story that I'm working on. If you have a few minutes, I'd love to explain more. I'm at or 202-334-4831.


  5. I think black dresses are totally fine! I will post about my mom's dress that we got her at Christmas time once I can find a pic of it online in the right color or when we get her in it for alterations :) I love the dress you got for mom!