Friday, January 29, 2010

Invitations: Inspiration and a sneaky peeky!

Ok, on to happier things...

Yesterday my dear friend Sophie came over to talk about invitations! She's an amazing artist and I was thrilled when she agreed to design our invitations. (She just started a blog, too. Go give her some lovin'!) I knew I wanted have a hand in designing them because then I would get *exactly* what I wanted. I'm...picky, to say the least. Maybe "particular" is a better word. Any way you say it, I have very strong ideas of what I like and what I don't like.

At the same time, I like A LOT of different styles. Let's take a quick browse through a few of the pictures in my "Wedding Inspiration" folder. Please note that a lot of these images were saved a long time ago. I'll do my best to credit the appropriate source.

(From Etsy seller arippke)

Large, scripty writing!
( idea)

Damask-type stamping things!

(Unknown source)

Pocket folds (and monograms)!
(Again, I got nothin')

Sort of all over the place, right? Well, I finally settled on the idea of flourishes. I know they're all over the place right now, yet I can't help but love them.

Here is a sneaky peaky of what we worked on last night.

There are not at all final, but it will give you an idea of where things are headed. I'm SO EXICITED! Oh, and I can't wait to tell ya'll about my quest for the perfect invitation wording.

Did you know exactly what you wanted for invitations or were you all over the place?


  1. Oh how exciting! Now you have me all curious and nosey! I looked around a lot online till I found things I liked and then tried to incorporate them into our invitations. Luckily Mr. Milk can do the comp-work on them!

  2. OOH...lookin' good! Other than the damask (which I think is a little overdone) I love everything you listed! Especially the flourishes since those are similar to our graphic design on our invites. Tomorrow's post is the final product of our invites...can't wait to see your final product! And I wasn't positive about a lot of what I wanted in my invites other than the fact I knew I wanted a bellyband closure, pocketfold holder, and pictures of us somewhere on the invite. Got it all :)

  3. Those look super cute! I am all over the place...I have no idea what I want for our invitations!

  4. Ooh, I love that! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

  5. I LOVE the large scripty writing ones!! Great inspiration!! Can't wait to see how yours turn out!!!! :)

  6. Thanks for the shout out, friend! You DO have good style :D

    When I have my wedding...or IF...I'd like to use the photographer who did your engagement photos. They are sooo perfect! Then again, you two are a photogenic couple. Let me know your thoughts about the designs i sent! Ciao

  7. I cannnnot wait to see them!!! I love all your examples and the sneak peak is great!