Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gifting the Groomsmen

Since I'm fairly certain none of Josh's Groomsmen read this blog I'm not going to worry about the customary warning sign for them to GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE. But, you know, just in case

Please Leave Now.


So Josh was totally on top of things when it came to gifts for his boys. And I'm not being sarcastic at all! All of the boys are really fun, like to party, and are big movie buffs. Knowing this, Josh got them a really great gift. 

Ok, now pretend this is rotated properly. Something funky is going on with this stupid computer, Blogger, and iPhoto. So, just kinda turn your head. Thanks.

We got the boys personalized beer mugs from Things Remembered (they're on sale right now, by the way!) and a t-shirt with a line from one of their favorite movies. Not surprisingly most of the t-shirts are fairly inappropriate (this one, for instance, says "Eat A Dick" on it) so I'm not going to show those. We're also giving the boys ties and pocket squares, although that is mostly for our benefit :)

Did your guy take care of the gifts for his Groomsmen or were you left with yet another thing to do?


  1. That was something that Graham did sort out too as I was busy with the presents for everyone else!

    I just posted about our guys gifts yesterday too.

    Not long now for you! Cant wait to see pics!

  2. Robbie wants to pay for the tuxes. He has been in quite a few weddings and hates how expensive those things are! He says that if we want them to be part of our day then we should pay for them. So...that's their gift!

  3. Love those, they are super cute and I'm sure the guys well def use them! Ryan is getting his groomsmen personalized baseball bats. We're all about usable gifts.

    So how are you doing? Knowing you you are taking this week by storm! If you need anything my friend don't hesitate to let me know.

  4. Great gifts for the guys. We gave each guy a gift certificate to a store specific for their interests and hobbies. For example, the best man was an avid fisherman and entered tournaments all the time so we got him a GC to a fishing tackle store. Then we also gave each guy a pair of argyle socks (that my photog did not get a pic of on the wedding day!!!) as well as some other little goodies in a gift box.

    I think you did great for your guys. :)

  5. Oooh how nice! The guys will totally like that! :)

  6. Great gifts! We're getting our guys booze-ish gifts too. And the shirts you got them sound hilarious!

  7. Nice! It's so much harder to figure out the gifts for the guys I think. We have no idea what to get, so I love seeing other peoples ideas.