Friday, May 21, 2010

In-law Jackpot

On this day, the day before my wedding, I want to take a few minutes and talk about the amazing family I'm becoming a part of. Ugh, I'm crying already...

You see, somehow I got ridiculously lucky in the in-law department. Josh's parents have accepted me from pretty much Day 1. I *LOVE* them. Like big, pink puffy heart with rainbows and kittens *LOVE* them.

My future mother-in-law Nancy is incredibly kind and loving with a little bit of sass thrown in. She raised her boy RIGHT and should be incredibly proud of the job she did. Plus, this woman knows how to PAR-TAY. She even came to my bachelorette party!

This is one of the tame pictures. I don't want to embarrass her.

My future father-in-law Brian is basically Josh only 20-some years older. They are so much alike, it's scary. He is a notorious jokester with a heart of gold. He taught Josh not only how to be a man, but also how to be a gentleman. Brian has become an amazing father-figure to me and for that I will forever be thankful.

Rockin' out at a wedding last summer.

Not only did Nancy and Brian raise two fantastic children, but they are the epitome of a fantastic marriage. Over the past few years they've exposed me to something I've never seen my entire life: a married couple who, after almost 30 years, still loves each other. They are the perfect model for "making it work." Has it always been easy? Hell no. But have they always made it work? Hell. Yes. Maybe one day they'll reveal their secret.

Finally Josh's sister, Brianna, Bree, Breeze, Breezy (she has many names). I immediately loved her and while it took a bit longer for her to accept me, I know she loves me, too. Once everything was put out in the open, we became extremely close. She is everything I look for in a friend. Kind, hilarious, smart, sassy, loyal...the list could go on. She is beautiful inside and out and I'm *so* looking forward to calling her my sister (ooh and hair stylist, too!).

 Classic Em and Bree.

Oh, and not only do I love Josh's family and they love me, but my mom loves Josh's family and they love her, too! Winner, winner chicken dinner! We're so incredibly blessed and I don't know how it happened, but I must have done something right in my life to be awarded with such an amazing family.

Our rehearsal dinner is tonight and Josh's parents are graciously hosting. So here's to them! 

What is your in-law dynamic like? Familial bliss or Monsters-in-Law?


  1. Em Em Em! EEK! I'm so excited for you! Not only do you get to MARRY Josh but you get to call these wonderful people your own. That is so awesome and I can't believe you're a day away! Congrats lady! Now go have a kick butt time :)

  2. I also adore my in laws. From the moment I met them I loved them. Mr Fix It is the oldest of 5 children and they are all now married and most have children so it's a large family. They are a joy and so sweet and FUN! His parents also hosted our rehearsal dinner which was super thoughtful.

    So happy for you that you have that new family dynamic around you. And so excited for you that the wedding festivities are about to begin. Whatever you do, TRY to get a good night's sleep. I didn't get to bed until 10:30 the night before our wedding and then I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and couldn't was awful! Like a kid on Christmas morning. Have a wonderful weekend girl!

  3. That's really great :o)

    Congratulations on your wedding tomorrow!!

  4. Your in-laws sound like such great people. Total jackpot. and that is so friggin cool your FMIL went to your bach party! HA! She sounds like a barrel of fun ;)

    My future in-laws have made me feel like a part of the family since day one too. and it has meant the world to me. i mean, after only dating their son for a year, they paid for me to come on their family trip to Europe! i was so honored and touched... i think they saw very early on in our relationship that mike and i had something special... so that makes my heart sing. oh, and i too have some pretty funny pics of me and my future sis in law... gettin krunk, naturally.

    And holyfuckingshit you're getting married tomorrow!!!!!!! I am balls-excited for you you! Love you, EM. Enjoy every minute and every second. Cherish it. Dance your ass off. And don't forget to twitpic them Nippies!!

  5. That is so awesome! I have been extremely blessed with my in-laws too! They are great :) I feel so bad for people who hate their in-laws.

  6. I hit the in-law jackpot too. The 1st time I met them was the Mr's B-day & they stayed out with us at the bar till 4a. They rule. I'm psyched to see the pics from your rehearsal dinner. Hoping ours is in a kickass local pub too so it'll be nice to see yours.

    DUDE! You're getting married TOMORROW! That's sooo freakin' cool!!

  7. Those pictures are so cute!! Overall I've been really blessed with my future family-in-law. I truly love all of them and I know they love me too and already consider me their daughter/sister.

    Soooo excited for you, lady! You're so close!

  8. Such a sweet post Em! Have a fabulous time at the rehearsal dinner and enjoy every second of your wedding day! Can't wait to hear all about it! Congrats lady!

  9. That's great :) My future in laws embraced me from day 1 also. Good thing, because I spent the summer with them when I visited Adam! And my family loves Adam too. I feel really lucky.

    And OMG your wedding is TOMORROW?! Eeee, so exciting! Good luck!

  10. I love seeing people as lucky as me... I'm blessed with awesome parents, and I've been blessed with another awesome set. Brad's parents are incredible people that have always treated me as if I was one of their own children!