Thursday, May 20, 2010

Please find your seat

One of the first "I am doing this and no one will convince me otherwise" wedding decisions I made was that I was going to have a seating chart instead of place cards/escort cards. I'm not sure where I first saw the idea, but it's been in my plans for a long time. Did I have any idea how I was going to accomplish this? Nah, of course not. But then, fate intervened.

I came across the blog Happily After All written by the beautiful and talented Kristin. We're basically wedding twins. Same colors, same wedding day, and our fiances have the same name. Freaky, right? Well, I came to find that Kristin is super crafty and has an Etsy shop! And what is one of the products in her Etsy shop? Seating charts!! I made note of this and told her that when the time came SHE would be doing my chart.

Fast forward a few months: it's a little over a month before the wedding, we're getting more and more RSVPs with each passing day, and are able to start doing table assignments. I check out Kristin's Etsy shop and it's CLOSED! Nooooooooooooo!!!! She needed to close it due to her OWN wedding coming up. THE NERVE. (Lol, totally joking, Kristin.)

After a bit of a panic attack I sent Kristin an email basically begging her to accept one more project. Well, she took pity on me and told me she could do it! YAY! She set up a Google Doc so I (ok, actually Josh did all of this) could put in the names and table numbers of people as they replied. Um, fantastic idea. She was also able to include our invitation graphic! 

Wanna see the result?

My mom had this iron easel thing so we're using that to display it.

I love it!!! I'm so so so pleased! Kristin sent me the file as a jpeg, I put it on a USB thing, took it to my local Staples to have it printed up. It was done in no time (they even custom cut it and framed it for me). I think our guests will really like it. And if they don't, screw 'em, I like it.

Definitely check out Kristin's blog as well as her Etsy shop. She has tonnnssss of awesome stuff, is super fast, super nice, and super talented. But she's also super busy right now, so maybe wait til the beginning of June to place your order :)

 What's your method of showing people to their seats? Place cards, escort cards, chart, or maybe something way cooler?

*I am not getting paid or compensated in any way for writing this post. I just love her and love her work!


  1. I love the chart. So nice of her to make it for you too, I do love Etsy sellers.

    I made a table plan - - for my wedding with the tables listed then the guests on each one underneath; then I used placecards - - at the table so people could find their actual seats.

    How are you feeling with 2 days to go???

  2. It looks great, and will make things super easy for your guests!

  3. I love it! I was so excited when I saw it on her facebook page/album - I thought 'Hey, I *know* her!' :) It turned out so well!

  4. That turned out great, I love all of Kristin's DIYs too! And believe me, you saved yourself a lot of time and headaches by not doing escort cards. I'm sure your guests will love it!

  5. Looks great! This is what we want too! Nice job Kristin!

  6. So funny...I was just looking at Kristin's post today of her own seating chart. Unlike you, I was all about the escort and placecards and can't wait to see pics of them from our wedding - assuming (and hoping) our photog took detail shots of them!!! EEK! I love sister did something similar and it's so easy for guests to use and find their place. Good job, girl! Almost here!!!

  7. You're so freaking awesome Em!! Thanks for bragging about me =] It turned out great, and I think your guests will love it.

    Almost there...everything starts TOMORROW!!

  8. I love the seating chart; I've seen them at bridal shows for a LOT of money. I'm thinking for my small wedding it's going to make the most sense to go this route. Yours looks beautiful :)

    And 2 days!? Ooh, good luck! :D

  9. we did a seating chart too!!! loved mine! we also did placecards!