Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Make" me up before you go go!

I knew from pretty much day 1 that I would do my own make up for the wedding. In the past when I've had my make up professionally applied the results ranged from "meh" to disastrous. For some reason make up artists tend to make me really pale even when it's the middle of summer at the peak of my tan-ness. Ugh. One guy, who supposedly worked with "celebrities" out in LA, did such a half-ass job that I had to literally FINISH applying it myself. Believe me, I could go on. Ok, rant over :)

So for such an important day, I knew I couldn't chance it. I love doing my own make up and I know what colors and applications look best on me. Plus, I have experience applying make up for professional pictures. I did my own for our engagement pics and our recent bridal session.

So I figured I should probably practice before the big day and last weekend I did just that. Needless to say, I'm super happy with the results!

Because I LOVE all of you little lambs SO much, I'm going to put up a picture of me with no make up. Please, do not be afraid. I rarely go out of the house looking like this (and trust me, I'm not fishing for compliments, I know I look like shit without make up).

I must really effing love you guys. So not cute.

And here is the end result! ::drum roll please::

I'm a new woman!

I took this one on my computer after I added a bit more eyeshadow. 
Not the best quality picture, but this was easier to do than use my point and shoot.

Close up. I'll do it a touch darker on W day.

Again, from the computer, but the colors showed up nicely.

I'll probably add a bit more blush, but other than that I'm totally happy with how it turned out. I'll also have one of my bridesmaids carry my make up bag with me in case I need to touch up (which I'm sure I will).

Do you guys want me to do a post about the products I used an a little tutorial? If you're interested let me know, I'm happy to write one up.

Are you doing any beauty DIY for your wedding day or are you leaving it to the professionals?


  1. I've had such shit experiences with MUAs as well. Nobody ever knows how to handle my skintone! I'm too fair for 'em and too blue/pink toned, so I end up looking like an orange.

    Oh, and for some reason most of them want to not use black eyeliner. I AM GOING TO WEAR BLACK LINER GUYS. I WILL GO HOME AND PUT IT ON.

    Bah. Rant over. <3

  2. Ohh love the more shadow look on you! Looks great :)

  3. Yes yes tutorial please! I would love to know how you did your eyeshadow...I am like a toddler when it comes to putting on make-up...I am horrible at it!

    No way in HELL would I do my own make up for the would be disasterous! Yours looks so good though, I'm jealous! Nice work!

  4. HOT. And shut your face about looking terrible with no make up, you look wonderful.

    I am doing my own make up out of sheer brokeness...and I wear pretty light make up all the time anyway, and make up artists tend to put it on so heavily. So I would very much appreciate a tutorial, your eye make up is something I would love to try to pull off!

  5. All I can say is OMG, it looks amazing. What a transformation, not that your before picture looks bad, but the made up face just seemed to jump out. Really, really great job.

  6. You look great. If I could do my makeup that well, I wouldn't have hired an MUA. ;)

    And I totally know what Scissors means about the black eyeliner. I showed my MUA a picture of a really, really dark eye, and she totally ignored me. ;) If I didn't love the way it ended up anyway, I might have killed her.

  7. Please do a tutorial! I'm debating whether or not to hire someone to do my makeup, and would love to see what you did to create your fabulous look!

  8. Love it! You look gorgeous, lady!

    I did my own makeup for my b-pics and I loved it, so I thought about doing my own, but I feel like I'll be way too stressed and will want the pampering anyway. But I don't trust MUAs either, so my mom's doing it.

    Yooou are hott!

  9. You look hot! Love love love the eyeshadow! I want a tutorial on that for sure!

  10. Tutorial, please please! You're a beauty :)

  11. Yeah, I'm putting in a formal request for a tutorial as well. I'm planning on doing my own makeup and I was about to turn to YouTube for video lessons. I wanna know how to do that fancy eyeshadow thing you do. Wowzers.

    And yes, you be pretty with no makeup. Believe.

  12. You did a fabulous job! Definitely do a tutorial!

  13. WOW! I'm totally jealous of people who are good at doing their makeup. I'm not great with makeup - I get by for work & stuff but that's it. Another vote for a tutorial!

  14. HAWTY!! That makeup look fantastic!! I like that you added more shadow, it made your beautiful blue eyes pop even more.

  15. Hoooly moly, amazing job! I don't blame you for wanting to do your own makeup; you do a stellar job on your own!

  16. Great job! I am debating over whether to do my own makeup. I had a session done before where I was so unimpressed. On the other hand, this might be the only day I ever splurge and get pampered, so if I could find someone whose skills I like, I don't want to give up my one shot at this. Hmm.

    BTW, I have something for you on my blog :)

  17. Holy cow, lady! You look phenomenal! I suck at doing my own makeup so I definitely paid to have mine done. I really loved it on the day of...other than the lip stick did not turn out the darker color I had hoped...but what are you gonna do? On the day of the wedding I was so beyond being able to think clearly that I overlooked a lot of what I wish I would have stuck to in trials and such. Oh well.

    I cannot believe that you are so close to your big day!! How exciting. Cannot wait to see what a gorgeous bride you'll be!

    Huge tip (which will come in a future recap post): Be sure to ask your florist how heavy your bouquet will be. If you are having a larger bouquet or lots of flowers, consider the weight. I didn't even think about this at all and though I loved my bouquet so so much, it was so effin' heavy I couldn't even carry it most of the day!!!