Monday, May 3, 2010

If after the party is the after-party...

Then is before the party the...pre-party party? Just sayin'.

We've had our rehearsal dinner venue booked forEVER but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. Whoopsie!

We really lucked out when it came to the RD venue because the building that houses our wedding venue also houses a restaurant (along with a dueling piano bar and a comedy club). Our rehearsal guests will literally have to walk only a few hundred feet from the place where we're rehearsing to get to the restaurant. We didn't even bother looking anywhere else because of the incredible convenience (and reasonable price) this restaurant provided.

So without further ado, our rehearsal dinner spot:

Rock Bottom Brewery! Yummy food and beer brewed on-site...doesn't get much better than that! Of course, for those who aren't the beer type, we'll be offering an open bar as well. I just hope no one wakes up hungover the next morning.

The food is super simple: buffet-style chicken parmesan, Italian sausage w/ onions and peppers, potatoes, green beans, and salad. And to top it all off...chocolate fondue!! Mmmm that's what I'm looking forward to the most. 

Although the restaurant is fairly casual, I asked everyone to dress up a bit. Girls in dressy-casual dresses, boys in nice pants and a button down shirt. I've had my dress for quite some time (it's not even available online anymore) but lucky for all of you I grabbed a pic of it back when I bought it:

(The dress is from Nordstrom)

I think this is a weird pic of it, but it looks SUPER cute on (if I do say so myself). Because I'm totally psycho (hey, at least I can admit it) I asked Josh to buy a green shirt so we match our wedding colors. Again, I know how ridiculous that makes me sound, but oh well. 

After dinner I think we'll head down to the dueling piano bar Howl At The Moon to let loose a bit. But I've instructed numerous people not to let me stay out past 11. This bride needs her SLEEP, yo!

What are you doing for your rehearsal?


  1. Um. I had NO idea Rock Bottom was a chain! I'm from Milwaukee so I'm used to most restaurants brewing their own beer and never thought twice about it. Awesome, LOVE that restaurant :)

    (Also, love Howl at the Moon too! We have one in Orlando :) )

  2. I absolutely LOOOOVE Howl at the Moon....your wedding party is going to be in for a treat if they've never been before!

    And I totally get ya on the green shirt for Josh...I'm having my Josh do the same!

  3. Sounds like fun! We’re having our rehearsal dinner at the Italian family-style restaurant Buca di Beppo.

  4. We're having our rehearsal dinner at a local brewery too! We booked it as soon as we settled on our wedding venue and date...what can I say I like freshly brewed beer :)

    Love Rock Bottom...excellent choice!

  5. Hahah, I just bought David a pink paisley tie to match me for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! :) Yours sounds like so much fun!

  6. Sounds like a great place for a rehearsal dinner. Love the dress and that you are both coordinating with your wedding colors!

  7. Love it! I think ours is going to be in the back room of a local bar called Tap House. The trick will be making sure all the groomsmen aren't hungover the next day. ha!