Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The uncomfortable side of wedding planning

When I go to weddings I usually bawl at the Father/Daughter dance. Not just shed a tear, oh no, I SOB. The ugly cry face comes out in full force and I usually down whatever alcoholic beverage I have near me. So let's just say the one part of my wedding that I'm decidedly NOT looking forward to is the Father/Daughter dance.

My lukewarm relationship with my dad is well-documented on this blog, but in case you're new let me give you the low down. My dad is present in my life but I don't see him very much. I have some deep-seeded issues with him that someday I'll hopefully work out, but right now our relationship is not the "typical" father/daughter relationship. I actually really like my dad and enjoy his company, but I just can't get past a lot of feelings I have toward him. Anyway, I'm anxious about dancing with him at my wedding.

In order to cut out some of the awkwardness we've decided to combine the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances. I just cannot be out there with him by myself. Luckily Josh's mom is completely understanding, something I will forever be grateful for (she's a saint, that woman).

Due to the somewhat unusual nature of our relationship, the "typical" F/D dance songs just are not going to cut it. No "Butterfly Kisses" or "I Loved Her First" or anything like that. Puke.

Honestly, there needs to be a handbook about the uncomfortable side of weddings. Anyway, there's really only one song I don't hate that would work for this dance. Luckily, it's by one of my favorite groups, Rascal Flatts (yep, I'm a country music lovin' city girl. Don't judge.)

The only thing is it's kind of long. Four minutes is a long damn time and I *know* I will be a hot mother effing MESS. But right now it's sort of my only option. However...this is where you fabulous ladies come in!

What song are you and your dad dancing to? I'd love any recommendations for songs that might fit my situation. I'll love you forever?

Also, is there any part of the wedding day you're not looking forward to? Or am I on an island here?


  1. I totally get what you're saying. The 'relationship' that I have with my dad barely exists, so we have just eliminated the F/D dance portion of the reception. You've done a good job with finding a way to work yours out by combining the dances!

  2. I am dreading the Father/Daughter dance as well as my walk down the aisle with my dad, but for different reasons than you. I am an absolute daddy's girl and I start crying just thinking about him giving me away. I know he is going to have such a hard time with it and I know I am just going to be a big bawl baby...I just want to skip over that stuff! I have no idea what song we are dancing to, but maybe we can do the cha cha slide or something haha just kidding!

  3. I can definitely see why this is awkward for you. My dad and I are dancing to Over the Rainbow/Its a Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (here's the link: ). I heard "My Girl" on the radio today on my way to work, that's cute. What about "Brown Eyed Girl" (if you um, have brown eyes!)? I think that something light might be a good option for your F/D dance, that way it doesn't get to heavy, you know? Good luck Em, I know you'll find the right song!

  4. First of all, you're not alone! Everyone has something about the wedding they feel uncomfortable about or are not looking forward to. Me? We've got some relative issues that won't end up a big deal but that I steal don't want to deal with. Just wanted you to know you're not alone and everybody has their skeletons in the closet (or on the blog, haha!). :)

    My dad and I haven't decided what we're dancing to yet, but it will be decidedly not any of that pukey crap (I HATE the song Butterfly Kisses. Literally, I gag when I hear it!). I think the song you chose is great, and there's no reason you have to dance to the whole thing! Just tell your DJ you want to fade out the music at a certain do NOT have to be up there for all four minutes if you don't want to. Or maybe you could have him invite the bridal party or any couples at the reception in to dance at some point? Either way, if you don't want to dance that long, don't do it. You're the bride, you get the final say!

  5. Wow, long and error ridden comment there. Sorry. Corrections:

    *relative issues as in people we're related to! Just clarifying.

    and also

    *still don't want to deal with, not STEAL. Proofread much, Amy?! :)