Thursday, March 25, 2010

Really, USPS?

In my last post about our invitations I touched on my frustration with the wrap-around address labels.

Hand-writing addresses was really never an option for me. I have terrible handwriting and didn't want to pay a calligrapher. Plus, wrap-around labels just look so fun!

After finding labels (thanks Stacey! She did a tutorial at my request!), working on them for a good 6 hours, getting them *just* right, painstakingly printing them, and finally affixing them to our beautiful envelopes, I was over-the-moon excited to mail them. People would see them and love them and tell me what a fanTAStic job I did (I like praise). 

Then...I went to the post office and proceeded to have a meltdown. I think a review of my tweets from that day best tell the story. (Warning: If offensive language offends skip this part.) Observe:

This was not what I wanted to hear. The not-so-nice post office lady told me, and I quote "Well, we'll mail them but you're GOING to get 50% of them sent back to you." Oh REALLY? She also basically suggested I redo them. Hahaha good one, post office lady bitch, I'll get RIGHT on that.

Apparently because the recipient's address and the return address were at the same level the machine would get confused and might read the return address as the recipient address. Really. Because I always thought that the envelope gets delivered to the address on the side of the STAMP. Ok...I can't even talk about this anymore because it makes me so mad.

So I walked out of there with my invitations and proceeded to hyperventilate and tweet at the same time. It's as skill I've honed over the past year or so. A few of my Twitter friends, namely these three girls, help talk me off the ledge. Seriously, thank god for Twitter.

When I got home, I did what any internet-savvy bride would do: I Googled the crap out of wrap-around labels. My goal was to prove the post office wrong. Everything I read from brides said that they had no problems. HA! Victory was mine. (I love being right.)

All that was left to do was stamp and send! I'm happy to report that ZERO invitations have been sent to the incorrect address. So SUCK IT, United States Postal Service. Maybe you should train your employees to give correct information and not make brides CRY. (Yep...pulling the "bride card.")

Have you had any wedding-related meltdowns? Please say yes so I know I'm not completely crazy.


  1. Don't get so excited. Two of our INTERNATIONAL invites (hello, $1.80 a stamp) came back the next day. 2 out of 120 isn't bad but it happens. Hopefully it doesn't happen to you!!

    (My USPS warned me too but I took the risk... I guess the $5 wasted didn't kill me!)

  2. Haha, I love you Em and I'm glad I could be there to talk you off the ledge. :) LOL

    I knew you wouldn't have issues, EVERYONE who says they've done wrap around that I know of have been fine and EVERYONE is also told "oh they won't work" ... this is my theory:

    It probably has to be done by an actual person when you do wrap around labels. So they tell you it's not going to work HOPING you change them. And then you don't and they are like "Well shit, we tried" -- the brides will always win bitches!

  3. Hope my e-mail helped you as well. Some people (especially in government positions) are just truly stupid. I had a horrible run in with a woman through the social security office about 2 weeks ago and I told her "Maybe you guys need to re-train ALL of your employees so that everyone knows what the heck they're talking about because you're all giving out different information!" So freaking frustrating! Glad everything is good. They look so pur-ty!

  4. Dealing with "gov folk" can be a pain in the ass! You might have even just got her on a bad day and she took it out on a happy bride. Mr. Milk almost got kicked out of Canada once because of an immigration officer with a chip on his shoulder! Yay for invites going through (stick that postal lady!). I love your invites and labels!

  5. That is craziness...I am glad you haven't had any returned. I think all post office people are so freaking crabby it is ridiculous! Your job is not that hard!

  6. Haha, so glad I could be there to talk you off the ledge! :) And I'm glad it worked out because we just made ours and I've already attached half of them to the envelopes!

  7. LOL "I love being right." SO TRUE! They turned out so well Em!