Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bachelorette Birthday Blowout: Hotel & Restaurant Shenanigans

My fabulous bridesmaids arrived at the hotel early Saturday afternoon to set up the room. I was instructed to arrive around 5 ready to party. Only a few of the girls knew about Tyrone's surprise so I was really excited for the rest of them to see him. BM Ena hadn't seen him over 2 years!

Once we arrived and I got my first round of tears out of the way, the girls sat me down with a glass of champagne (or wine, I can't quite remember) and began showering me with gifts.

BM Breezy is explaining the game to me. 
I should be more aware of my face when cameras are around.
Also notice the penis cake.

Each bridesmaid gifted me lingerie but left their names off the bag/box. I had to guess who each piece was from and after all presents were opened the identities would be revealed. This was a really really fun game and one I recommend for all bachelorette parties. Seriously, my lingerie collection is stocked for the next few years (til I have a baby and get fat).

I managed to guess 3 out of the 6 gifts correctly. When I opened this next bag, however, I knew *exactly* who it was from:

What I like to call the Full Borat. 
The thong is pulled up over my shoulders. Awesome, huh? I have no shame.
Oh, and please notice my sweet Spanx. It was my only option.

See, BM Helen is a big ol jokester so I knew the girl who gifted me a 44 HH bra and the XXL (probably bigger) thong could only be her. Thanks, girl. I know Josh will looove those.

After a bit more mingling it was off to the restaurant! We crammed ourselves into a cab and went on our merry way.

When I say "crammed" I do mean crammed. 
That's jokester Helen front and center.

We had reservations at Zocalo, a fabulous Mexican restaurant in Downtown Cleveland. It was an awesome place for a big group and we had the best waitress in the place! She also made the BEST guacamole I've ever had ever ever EVER in my life:

She made this table-side, specially for our party. 
I got to specify the amount of each ingredient and she made it. It was SO amazing.

Don't I have the most beautiful Future Mother-in-Law?? This is really the only other pic I took at the restaurant.

Dinner was amazing and shockingly very reasonably priced. We had about sixteen people and the food bill (not including bar) came in under $200. My mom unexpectedly and graciously picked up the food bill. Thanks, Mom!

Oh, before I go any further, let me address the thing on my head:


Initially I was adamantly against wearing any kind of veil/sash/penis-anything crap. For me, I'm just not that into it. It looks great and works for other brides, but for me personally it's just not how I wanted to look. But...the girls got me a tiara AND a veil/tiara combo AND a sash. Since they were sparkly and not penis-covered, I decided to humor them, suck it up, and rock the shit out of the tiara and tiara veil. You can't tell, but I wore them both. Because I'm just that freakin' fabulous.
Up next, the party REALLY gets started. 


  1. Oh how fun. Such great pics! My bachelorette will not be nearly as extravagant and crazy as yours. Very low key, just a few girls gettin' together to hang and maybe play some Texas Hold 'Em :)

    That cake is too funny and I love the idea of guessing who the gifts are from...will have to remember that!

  2. You look smoking hot, how in the world did you make it out without getting hit on every 5 seconds?!

    How fun, I'm so happy your night got off to such a kick ass start!

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! Love the game and the super large undies :) Can't wait to see what you guys got up to next! I think you rocked that tiara!

  4. You haven't stolen my bachelorette party thunder... even though you be lookin hot Em! Shizaammmmm!

  5. Looks like a seriously good time! This makes me excited for my own Bachelorette party!

  6. Mmmmmmexican! That game is so fun - I want to keep that in mind for my MOH's bach in September...