Friday, March 26, 2010

Obligatory alterations post

**JOSH: I'm pretty sure you don't read this, but if you've somehow stumbled across this post DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. It's dress-related. 'Nuff said.**

My first alteration appointment was last week and it was just fabulous. It was my first time trying on my dress since September and I really hoped it still fit. Well, it "fit" in the sense that I could zip it up. It did not, however, "fit" in the sense that I could sit down. Yeah um, I'm a few pounds heavier now than when I ordered it. 

Anyway, let's not dwell on that. 

The seamstress is taking it out in the hips (yay I can sit!), taking it in in the back/bust (yay no more gaping!), and didn't have to do a THING to the hem. My height (5'5") coupled with my heels (about 3 inches) made me the perfect height for the dress. So excited about that.

I know you're all "Blah blah don't care show me pictures," so here are a few from the appointment.

Mmm pretty....

As the always eloquent Shakira once proclaimed: my hips don't lie.
Although sometimes I wish they did.

All up in my biz perfecting the bustle. 
Seriously, this woman is a magician.

It sort of looks weird here, but my bustle is AMAZING. 
I almost want to wear it bustled all day.

My mom ordered a bridesmaids dress for her wedding day attire so she had her alterations appointment that day, too.

She's adorable.

Again, this seamstress is a magician and said both dresses would be ready in 2 weeks. Uh...that's freaking fast. Hopefully next time I try on my dress I'll actually be able to sit.

How much alteration did your dress require? Was it a painless process or a never-ending saga?


  1. I don't remember if you posted pictures before or not, but I don't remember seeing your's freaking gorgeous!! I have a little bit of dress envy!!

  2. Seriously, you look freaking amazing. And that dress, wow! Love it!

  3. Love your dress! My alterations won't start until the summer, but I'm looking forward to having it actually fit!

  4. Um...I sort of wish I never would have seen your dress because now I don't like mine haha! That dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous in it! Wow!

  5. You look gorgeous! Love the dress! I needed 6 fittings! It was a never ending saga! And I'm still not sure about the dress but I'm over it.

  6. Shut up about your weight gain, you look smokin' hot! Seriously, that dress is doing your figure right my friend, it looks like it was made for you! And I love the bustle too, it's so intricate...almost Victorian looking, but still modern? And the way the dress comes to a v in the's just lovely on you Em!

  7. You look gorgeous!

    I just had 3 fittings; first one to get the dress pinned; second one to sort the hem and bustle; then third to check it was all ok!

    My seamstress was super quick and had it all done within a couple of weeks.

  8. Ohhhh dang your dress is just amazing!!!!!


    That may be the most fantastic bustle I've ever seen. For Reals.


  10. Oh my gosh, I love your dress!! And that bustle is the most perfect bustle I've ever seen. :)

  11. Um, yeah...this is me...a little jealous of your gorgeous dress!!!

  12. I LOVE it! Looks amazing on you!

  13. I took your advice, and I am seeing Helena for my alts as well! Isn't she amazing?!? She did incredible things to my bustle as well, and she also told me it'd be done in two weeks. Two weeks?? Are you friggin' kidding me? Amazing! I go back tomorrow (Friday) to see what sorts of magical things she did to my dress while I was away. Can't. Wait. Eee!

  14. Serious dress envy...and I already got married! You look fantastic!