Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invitations: Revealed!

Our invitations are in the hot little hands of our guests so I can finally reveal them!

Since I know all you're really interested in are pictures, I'll get to those right away. Please excuse the terrible erasing job on some of these.

I *LOVE* our envelopes. They're the perfect shade of green and metallic and so freaking amazing. I never thought I would, you know, care about envelopes. But I do. I do so much.
I would do dirty things to these envelopes if they weren't going out to 200 people. Jk...maybe.

The back. Those wrap-around oh man. I'll explain the saga in another post.

This is the digital file of the invitation because I was tired of editing the pics I took.

Our ridiculously full RSVP card. I'm positive 98% of our guests will fill these out wrong. 

The whole suite. I didn't block out our info on this one. I'm lazy and mad at my computer. 
Please don't steal my identity.
Also, you'll see the accommodations card on here. I figured you probably don't care about that one, hence the lack of a close-up.
Oh, and say hi to Tyler :)

My friend Sophie did an amazing job interpreting my vision. I honestly would not change one single thing about these invitations. Please check out her website, Her paintings are absolutely stunning and she has become an equally amazing graphic designer. 

Honestly, I don't think doing my own invitations saved me any money. I bought all the materials but paid some one else (quite a bit more than I wanted) to print them. However, I never set out to necessarily "save" money. I wanted my invitations to turn out exactly how *I* wanted and I just didn't see that happening by picking something from the internet. Plus, I was able to work with my good friend which meant unlimited meetings/revisions!

Did you work with a "friendor" on your invitations or any other part of your wedding? How was your experience?


  1. I LOVE the green... it looks so delicious! I used a friendor and it didn't save me money but it let me get exactly what I want, and that was worth it!

    Love love love the invites! Good job girl!

  2. Wow they look great!!
    I stressed about the color of our envelopes for 2 days! Isn't it crazy how we let these things bother us?! ...I mean in the end they will all end up in the recycling bin ( I hope!) anyways...but still...there's just something about the perfect color of envelope that seems to tie the entire invite suite together! I love that you went with a bold green...very nice!

  3. They look fabulous! We did ours on our own and loved the way they came out -- simple but classy.

  4. Love them! The green envelopes are so pretty! I think I want our envelopes to be in a color, too. Also love how they look with the "celebrate" stamp! We used the same stamps for our save-the-dates :o)

  5. They are so gorgeous....congrats on getting those done!

  6. They look really, really great. Congrats on getting them out.

  7. Your invites are gorgeous! Hope the guests love them too!

    I went with translucent vellum envelopes so i didnt have to worry about the colour matching!

  8. Your invitations look great! We are using a friend/colleague of Mr. Milk's who is a printer to print ours. We designed them, bought the paper and he is printing them at cost. I think the design aspect saved us some money. Oh and hello Tyler!

  9. They look fabulous!!! Your envelopes are awesome...they totally remind me of my envelopes too - and I would also do dirty things to them cause I love them oh so much!

  10. Em, they are amazing! I love your envelopes, too. The wrap around labels worked well :) Your response card is not difficult at all and I love that you let them request a song :) We have that option on our wedding web site for guests.

    Also, I am in LOVE with your response envelope. So cute. Everything looks wonderful. You did such a great job. Congrats! And how exciting to start getting your responses back now

  11. They turned out great! LOVE the paper & envelopes you chose... They really put the cherry on top. Too bad the photos don't quite do the rich color & sparkles justice. Haha and I love the kitty paws reaching in to try to ruin your shot in the bottom photo! (Thanks for the shout out)