Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bachelorette Birthday Blowout: The Dance Party Begins

One thing I *really* wanted for my bachelorette party was a reserved area in whichever club we decided to go to. We had a pretty big group (I think there were 16 of us) and I felt we needed a central meeting place. Some of my friends are what I like to call drifters. This is not a bad thing, and I'm often in this category too, but I didn't want to "lose" anyone. I knew if we didn't have a place to meet, we'd be all over the damn place. Well, my girls came through and we had a HUGE area all to ourselves. The best picture I have of it unfortunately includes two girls who had a little too much fun:

Hahahaha ohhh yes. The girl on the right is actually a BM. 
Hope she can hang at the wedding.

The other side (behind me) was the same. We had bottle service, too. Felt real classy n' shit.

Right next to our "VIP" area (haha...calling us VIPs sounds so ridiculous) was...wait for it...a dancing platform! I was in heaven. If you know anything about me, you know that I love to dance and that I love being the center of attention. You better believe I hustled my ass up there as soon as we walked in. 

My mom actually told me that I could have a career as a stripper. 
I took it as a compliment.

I think everyone enjoyed the show.

I want to leave you with a few more pics of us generally having a damn good time. 

Former roomie and current BM Despina.
I wish I wasn't cut out of this pic.

All of the BMs and myself (although some of them aren't looking). 
I love my face.

Why I haven't been discovered as an American Idol yet is just beyond me. 
I have stage presence, god damn it!

Tyrone and BM Ena. 
She's famous (or maybe infamous) for her hair flip.

BM Breezy (FSIL) giving me a lap dance of sorts. Obviously I loved it.

Josh's mom and her new bff Tyrone. 
Seriously, this picture makes me the happiest woman in the world and makes my eyes well up with the happiest tears.

Up next, the stupid shit I did at my bachelorette party that will probably come back to haunt me.


  1. You all looked like you had a fab time! Reading all your re-caps is getting me excited about my hen weekend which is next weekend as I know NOTHING about it except what colour I need to wear!

  2. Your party looks so much fun! Take the stripper comment as your mom saying "you have amazing moves and a hot body!" because shes right :)

  3. Haha I love the one of your FMIL and your guy friend! Hilarious!

  4. Love the last photo! What a great time!