Saturday, November 28, 2009



I'll admit, cake isn't my favorite baked good or sweet treat. Brownies and cheesecake come before cake on my list. That doesn't mean, however, that we wont be having cake at our wedding. I definitely love me some cake, and our wedding package comes with one, so we will carry on the tradition of serving cake.

We have our cake tasting next week with Wild Flour Bakery. When I booked the appointment I spoke with the loveliest woman named Mona. Honestly, she is the nicest vendor I've come into contact with during this whole wedding planning process. She made me so excited just by talking with her for a few minutes. But then...THEN she told me the best part: we get to take home 7 (SEVEN!?) pieces of cake to try. One word: pumped.

As for our design, I hope to finalize it at our tasting. I like very simple (plain, even) cake designs. Luckily, Josh doesn't really care as long as it tastes good. Here are a few samples of what I like.

This is one of my absolute favorites. We would replace the red flower with a green one.

Are we seeing a pattern? One quick note, our package doesn't include the use of fondant, which is just fine with us. In our short conversation Mona told me that fondant is mostly for intricate designs and they can create the same look with butter cream as they can with fondant. Luckily we don't want any intricate designs, so we're good to go. More pics...

Again, with green flowers.

And finally, this next one might be my new favorite.

Imagine it without the icing scroll-y things.

Basically I want white butter cream icing, black ribbon, and either a single green flower or very few green flowers strewn about. No scrolls. No dots of icing. Plain, simple, modern, structured, minimalist. I can't WAIT to report back after our tasting on Tuesday.

Did you know exactly what you wanted in a cake, or did you give your baker creative license to make something fabulous?

*All cake photos from Project Wedding.


  1. The cake is the one thing I am having so much trouble nailing down. Everything else seems to easily fall into place but we are all over the place when it comes to cakes vs. cupcakes, traditional vs. unique and whimsical and all the other potential possibilities available (and not available thanks to our budget). I really like the last photo the best!

  2. I love the last one! By far my fave! Its hard picking a cake design! I've found many things I like and can't narrow it down. And the more pictures I look at, the more cakes I want! sigh...