Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Facebook Official

Today Josh and I are celebrating 4 years of "officially" being together. And by "official" clearly I mean "official on Facebook." Because that's how my generation rolls, apparently. You're not really with some one unless you make it public to the world of Facebook. So 4 years ago that's what I did. Yes, *I*.

The short version is that I wanted to be in control of how this "relationship thing" played out. I was "married" on Facebook to one of my bff's and now-BM, Nikki. I wasn't sure I was ready to go public with my relationship with Josh, so even after he and I started dating I kept my relationship status with Nik. On Thanksgiving Eve 2005 (wow...really? Wow...) Josh and I were in our respective towns enjoying some adult activities. He drunk dialed me, called me his girlfriend, and asked if that was OK. I told him yes, and when my night ended I logged on to Facebook and requested to be "in a relationship" with him. The rest, my friends, is history!

Today also happens to be my last day at my temp job! So tonight we're celebrating 2 things with a nice dinner out. I plan on drinking copious amounts of wine to mark the occasion.

So here's to us, babe, on our last dating anniversary before we become hubs and wifey.

What do you think of the whole "Facebook Official" policy our generation seems to have?


  1. I'm torn.... in one regard I find it kind of ridiculous... but then there are situations like my last boyfriend. We were together for 6 years... he never FB/Myspace statused me because he didn't believe in that... come to find out he was cheating for about 5 of our 6 years... so now I take comfort in the fact that my fiance "statused" me =)

  2. Ryan literally asked me if we should "make it Facebook official!" Isn't it crazy how our generation does things?

  3. Its all so interesting, while both of us are listed as "in a relationship: on FB neither has changed it to "engaged." I think neither of us uses FB enough to warrant this announcement to FB acquaintances

  4. That's how I made it official with my boyfriend too after having the exclusive talk.

  5. Ahhhh this cracks me up!

    I was "married" to my best friend (and MOH) on FB for a few years, and it was a HUGE deal for us to "break up." I was not allowed to end the FB relationship until one or both of us were engaged...so it was a sad day when we had to "cancel" it! But, thankfully, she recently got engaged as well, so we are both in respective FB relationships ;)

    And congrats on finishing your job! What are you going to do now???