Thursday, November 5, 2009


I must take a quick second to give a HUGE shout out to my man. This morning I started freaking out a bit because, well, there are less than 200 days til the wedding and there is still A LOT to get done.

The next few things on our to-do list are transportation, hotel room blocking, and the rehearsal dinner. Sounds easy enough, but with both of us working full-time, and many vendors unavailable on the weekends, I was sort of having a mini-breakdown. Enter in: Josh's day off!

I fired off an email to him this morning with names, websites, and email addresses of a few limo companies and asked him to email them. I gave him all of the info he needed and within 10 minutes the emails had been sent. What a good boy he is!!! (Not to make him sound like a dog or anything of course). He asked if there was anything else and I thought to myself "Why yes, lovey, there is!" I sent him RD info and he contacted them as well! This all made me the happiest 'lil bride in all the land. A weight has seriously been lifted off my shoulders and I'm so lucky to have a man who will help me with wedding planning. I know not all women have that luxury, so I'm milking it for SURE.

How hands-on is your fiance with wedding planning? And go ahead, brag in the comments about something great he's done lately!

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