Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It was bound to happen

Well, ladies, it's finally happened. We've hit our first real snag in wedding planning. It has to do with, of all things, bridesmaid hair logistics. I think writing about it will either calm me down or fire me up, so we'll see how this post goes. Plus it will help to at least get all of my thoughts out coherently so when I eventually have a very awkward conversation with my hair stylist I don't um...freak out. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

One of my more minor requests (in my opinion) for my wedding is that I get ready with my bridesmaids at a hotel. I want to be comfortable, I want to dance around to a great "getting ready" playlist, and I don't want strangers watching me with no make up and rollers in my hair. I want it to be *my* space for the day. Seems like a simple enough request to me. Please, tell me if I'm wrong.

Another reason I want to be in my own hotel room to get ready is because BM Bree is doing my hair and I am doing my own make up. I don't want her to have to work in another stylist's chair and I want to be able to spread out while putting on my face. Again, simple and reasonable requests.

Over the weekend while getting mah hairs did I asked my stylist about hiring 2 girls from her salon (she is the owner and doesn't do updos) to come the morning of the wedding and do my BMs hair. Without replaying our entire conversation, she essentially said no. She didn't understand why everyone couldn't just come to the salon. (Because I don't want to.) She didn't want her girls working before her normal business hours. (I just need them there at 8 am, they'll still be making money.) She said it was a lot of trouble to haul equipment to a hotel. (Um, that's your job?) She's never let her stylists travel before. (There's a first time for everything and hello, I'm paying them!)

This was not just a blow to me as a bride, but a blow to me as an extremely loyal customer. She's been doing my hair for nearly 10 years and I shudder at the thought of ever having to go to some one else. The fact that she was pretty unwilling to work within my parameters was incredibly disappointing to hear.

The next night I called up BM Bree to get her professional opinion. She basically confirmed what I already knew but didn't want to accept: my stylist told me no without actually saying it. A cop-out, if you will. Needless to say, I'm sort of crushed. I know it's just hair, and I know it will be fine, and I know in the grand scheme of things it wont matter, but right here, right now, it does matter.

Luckily we have a very good family friend in the business who has offered to help us with whatever we need. I'm really looking forward to getting this resolved and reporting back with good news.

What was your first big snag in wedding planning?


  1. Awww. I'm so sorry! You are right in that your requests are NOT unreasonable at all! However, I do know that some do ask for a travel fee if they come to you rather than vice versa.
    I would reconsider who your regular stylist is now!

  2. That's so bizarre. But its a good thing you found out now so you can think of a plan B.

  3. I would say if they don't want your money go else where for that day at least.

  4. Wow that blows! However, I don't know that my SIL has ever traveled for a salon...I'm sure she would if somebody recommended it. I could see her saying no if it was like, in the middle of her workday, though! Give it to someone who wants their money

    Ooo i wonder--was this the owner of the salon or the actual stylists? The actual stylists may have said yes but the owner said no first?....

  5. There are all kinds of stylists out there who will travel to your site for hair appointments. Yes, you may sometimes need to pay a travel fee, but it is totally doable. I like you, want all my girls together getting ready out of a salon - we're actually getting ready at the venue as it has a bridal 'cottage' with tables, chairs, a bathroom and a fireplace for us to put all our stuff and get ready in.

    My first real wedding snag came up today when I found out our caterer wanted to charge us an extra $1,000 for the cake we want them to replicate! Needless to say, we may have to forego our dream cake and decide to do a cupcake tower instead. :)

  6. Oh sheesh...that is no bueno!!! Fortunately, it isn't your stylist that is personally refusing to do your hair...I am sure you can find some other ladies to help you out...
    I am actually going to my stylist tomorrow for a trim, and I am going to be asking her the details, etc about the hair on the big day...I'm hoping that since it is a Sunday wedding that she won't have any problems coming out to my hotel to do all of our hair! Fingers crossed!