Wednesday, December 2, 2009

STD Saga (thankfully, burning pee-free!)

Haha I crack myself up with that title. Clearly I'm 13 again. Anyway...

Our save-the-dates should be in the hot little hands of most of our guests by now, so it's finally time to reveal them!

I searched many many MANY websites for many many MANY hours for inspiration. From the beginning I knew I wanted to use one of our engagement pictures. Exactly *how* I wanted to use them was still up in the air. Did I want to do a postcard? Did I want to create a film strip? Make them myself or use a template? Should I use one picture or more than one? So.Many.Decisions.

But then I remembered a post from Mrs. Cheese detailing her STDs. They were simple, to the point, and pretty darn perfect.

I even commented on her post with this:

"It's so nice to see something simple yet completely fabulous. I've gone back and forth over what I want to do for STDs and I think I want to go your route. Easy-peasy!"

Her STDs obviously stuck in my head for a reason, so I decided to create some super simple STDs a la Cheese. Once I figure out the concept I began the design process. Josh installed an illegal copy of Photoshop on my computer about a year ago (shhh don't tell anyone) and I took a graphics class in college, so I've got the basics of Photoshop mastered. And by "basics" I mean I can create a text box and move it where I need it.

After many drafts, here are the two STDs I created.

I couldn't pick which one I liked better, and neither could Josh. So, we sent out both! I uploaded the files on the Walgreens photo website, and ordered 130 (65 of each) 4x6 prints.The total came to $19.50. Not too shabby!

We ended up buying A LOT of envelopes. We decided to print the addresses on our home computer, but we have a pretty sucky printer that messed up many of the envelopes. I think in total we spent about (omg just totaled this) $26.82 in envelopes. These were so expensive because we didn't have the option of buying *just* envelopes, so we have a plethora of 5x7 cards now, as well.

Postage was a little crazy, too. We bought 7 books of "Forever" stamps which totaled $61.60 (gah! Holy crap!) We ended up sending out 112 STDs.

The total for the supplies and postage was $107.92.

The *Grand Total* per STD is :::drumroll please::: $.96

Not too shabby, huh? By the way, I've greatly minimized the crappy bs of the printer situation. We actually got to the point where buying a brand new ($150) printer seemed like a good idea. For a more accurate portrayal of printer troubles, mosey on over to my friend Katie's blog, Random Reflections of a Perfectionist. Very funny.

Was your save-the-date process a saga or a storybook?


  1. Love them both! I'm glad you decided to just send both out! I don't think I'd be able to choose between the two!
    Here's what our e-save the date looked like

  2. Cute! And your title for the post made me giggle. :) Guess I'm 13 again, too!

  3. Those look great, I think it's a great idea to send different ones out! We need to get our butts in gear to get our STD's out!

  4. They came out great! We're planning to send out save the date emails (plus cards to the few electronically-challanged guests). I'm going to design them using our engagement photos too. :o)

  5. They look fab! I like that you sent out two different versions. :) And that wasn't a bad price for them overall!!! Oh yes, and thanks for the shout out...learn from my mistakes, people!