Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Bane of My Existence: Hair

BM Bree (aka FSIL) is in town this weekend! YAY! If you'll remember from my post about the BM hair drama (update coming soon), I mentioned that Bree is doing my hair for the wedding. She is a very talented stylist and I wouldn't want anyone else touching my hair on my wedding day. Since she's here for a few days she agreed to do a hair trial with me. Basically I need to know if I can keep my hair at the length it's at now, or if I should grow it another inch or so. I'm really hoping she'll tell me she can work with the length it's at now because I *haaaaate* having long hair. As a reminder, this is the hair she has to work with:

Recent pic of me and Josh. He's Mr. Smiles as always.

Here are a few pictures I plan on showing her for inspiration. I've divided them into 3 categories: Volume, Off the Face, and Height on Top but Sleeker. And yes, I'm very aware that I'm a freak. I wave my freak flag high and proud.


Mariska Hargitay is so amazingly beautiful. 



Off the Face:

Not quite sure where I found this one

Height on Top but Sleeker:

I'm not looking to recreate any of these looks exactly, but hopefully these pictures will help her create something fabulous. Pictures will be posted next week!

Did you go overboard on hair inspiration photos or did you let your stylist run wild?


  1. I went a little overboard too.. I could never just let a stylist do whatever they wanted - I'm way too much of a control freak! PS - The third bride down is so pretty! I posted pictures from their wedding awhile back!

  2. Are you going to keep your hair curly or straighten it out? I love the last 2 pics in the volume category for your curly hair :)

  3. Those pics are all great. I had a trial with my stylist and showed her a few pics. She focused in on one specific one and I didn't like it. So I am going to contact her about doing a second trial and bring in one or two very specific pics this time so she gets more of an idea of where I want to head with the hair. :)

  4. Ooooh I love the last group of pics - can't wait to see how the trial went! :)