Monday, September 14, 2009

Wise words

I know...sort of MIA lately. I have tons of half-finished posts saved in my drafts, now I just have to take a night and FINISH them. I'll work on that.

But first...we went to a family wedding this weekend and the bride said something to me that was so powerful I just had to share. It was the end of the night, we were saying our goodbyes and congratulation, giving our hugs and kisses. The next wedding in the family is ours so of course people were telling us "You're next! Can't wait to see you at yours!" But to me, the bride said the following:

"Everyone told me it was going to go fast. That it was going to fly by. Em, it went FASTER than fast. I can't believe it's over. Make sure you enjoy every minute."

I'm tearing up (at my desk no less) thinking about it.

But it's true. You always hear that it will go by so fast, but I don't think you ever realize it until it's actually *you* up there. So for the next 8 or so months, I'm going to enjoy every minute. I'm even going to enjoy the shitty minutes, the sad minutes, the bridezilla (who? me?) minutes, the stressed-out-because-my-mom-is-driving-me-crazy minutes, and every minute in between.

I can't believe we're next!


  1. That's great advice and it's totally, totally true. Good luck!

  2. Great post. Seriously. Sometimes we just gotta stop and enjoy everything!