Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is my search *finally* over?

God, I freaking hope so. BRM (Burning River Mom, haha) and I went shopping for a MOB dress today and in the process I bought what is hopefully my reception dress! I'm having quite a hard time tracking down a picture of it. Why can't I just take a pic of it myself, you ask? Well, the dress I tried on in the store had blood on it. It was just a tiny spot on the hem, but it was gross and noticeable. So the store is going to order me a new one! I should know Monday if they were able to track one down and when I'll get it. The fact that I can't find a picture of it anywhere online concerns me, though. I'll just be happy when it's in my hot little hands.

In other news, Mom found a dress!! It's gooooorgeous! It's Calvin Klein. It's black. It's perfect for her. She found another dress a few weeks ago at a local bridal shop, so she wants to go in and try that one on again before making a concrete decision. She's tried on sooo many dresses so I hope either the Calvin or the other dress is "the one."

And finally, it's 9pm on a Saturday night and I'm sitting on the couch eating whole grain Tostitos. Have you tried them? Because they're amazing. You will never go back to white corn tortilla chips ever again. So go out and buy a bag. Your mouth will thank you.

That is all :)

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