Thursday, September 17, 2009

I buy too much stuff

But I need options!! That is what I keep telling myself, at least. Now that I know not to make the same mistake twice in regards to return policies, I feel like being able to see lots of options will help me make the best decisions. So without further ado...more wedding crap I bought!

The Tie Bar is a great website for finding fun and colorful ties. We're doing green ties for the GMs and finding the perfect tie proved to be a bit difficult. The Tie Bar lets you search by color and luckily they had a number of ties we were interested in. Another cool thing about the site is you can see what the tie looks like with different color suits/shirts. The men will wear black suits with white shirts, so that is what I used against the various ties. I purchased the following ties for $15 each.

(Polo Stripes - Greens)

(Herringbone - Clover Green)

(Spring Stripe - Apple)

(Herringbone - Apple)

I also ordered the following pocket squares, also from The Tie Bar, for $5 each.

Whew! Still with me? Good. The ties arrived and surprisingly the colors are pretty true to what you see in the pictures. After much consideration we decided to go with...drumroll please...


Yay! If the green/white/black striped tie didn't have all that gray in it, we might have picked that one. I love our choices and I hope the GMs love them, too!

Did you go on a spending spree at any time during your planning?

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  1. I love those! We're looking into the Tie Bar for aqua ties. Were you happy with the quality?