Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me? Twitter? Hmm...

So as I mentioned before, I've started temping. My job is very simple (read: boring). I open mail, I sort the mail, I scan the mail, I sort the mail again. In the afternoon I go through returned mail and delete addresses. That. Is. It. I work within a small team and don't really know anyone too well yet. It's tough. I can't really join in the witty banter. And believe me, I'm a pro at witty banter. I have so many things I want to say during the day, just quick one-liners, but no one to really say them to. So I'm thinking about opening up a Twitter account.

I wouldn't use my real name (or BRB, for that matter) and I wouldn't reveal the identity of my company. I just really need an outlet for my random thoughts, and my understanding is that is what Twitter is all about. So what do you guys think? Does anyone here Twitter? I might post this over on Weddingbee, too. Which, by the way, I cannot participate on during the workday!! That's right, posting in comments and boards on WB is restricted at work. Seriously, I'm dying here. Anyway, thoughts and suggestions are welcome. I'll let you know if I sign up!

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