Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flower Power: The Bride

What an original title for a post about wedding flowers, huh? Flowers have been on my mind a great deal lately as I've met with 2 florists in the past few days. The first meeting went exceptionally well, while the other went just OK. I don't want to reveal names right now since I'm still waiting on proposals from both and I'm still hoping to meet with one or two more florists. What I will reveal is that one is a big florist with showrooms and a greenhouse, while the other is a one-woman show who works out of her home.

Before I go on, let me show you my inspiration photos. I really don't know where most of the photos are from, so I'm just going to say that most are probably from The Knot and Project Wedding. First up, bridal bouquets (because I'm the most important, duh. JK!)

First I thought I might want a mix of greens and whites:
I especially loooooove the first one. Which surprises me because I never looked at myself and thought "I'm a mini calla lily kinda gal." Unfortunately, um...those little green and white thingies coming out like spikes? Yeah, those are lilies of the valley and apparently mucho expensive. At least that's what "one woman show" florist told me. Damn.

So then I thought I might want an all-white bouquet:
Again...I like calla lilies? Who knew? After doing some major soul searching (read: internet wedding porn searching) I realized that I love the look of all one flower type bouquets. I'm not a big frills and bells and whistles type person. That look is beautiful, just not for me. Simple, sleek, structured, and modern is definitely more my style.

Were there details that "spoke" to you that took you by surprise?


  1. Um. I have Lily of the Valley growing in my backyard. Want me to overnight them for you? Never woulda thought they are expensive. Maybe the season of your wedding?
    I love simplicity as well and love the look of green hypericum berries scattered throughout a white bouquet.

  2. Ha! That's funny. Yeah I didn't know they were expensive either. I guess "expensive" means different things to different people, though.