Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lovely Ladies

I'm typing this in my cube at my new temp job. Needless to say, I don't have much work to do. By the time I post it I'll be home (I don't really want to noticeably blog while at work) and will probably want to hurl puppies at oncoming cars and yell expletives at young children. Not that I'd ever really do that...maybe.

So to keep me occupied (and sane) I'm just going to keep doing what I did while I was unemployed: surf the internet, read wedding blogs, and generally be a waste of breath. Except now I'm getting paid for it.

Now is as good a time as any to write about my excruciatingly good-looking bridal party. I may be a little biased, but my wedding pictures are going to be smokin'! Without further ado, and in no particular order, my 'Maids.

First up we have BM Claire Bear (ha, she'd kill me if she saw that). Claire Bear and I have been friends since age 5. She moved away in 5th grade, which sent my life crumbling to the ground. I was devastated, but there was nothing I could do about it. We've been able to maintain an incredibly close friendship even though I only see her a few times a year. We're so different yet so similar. I know that with her, things will get out of hand. Plus, she has a wicked vocabulary. We've been through it all and stuck by each other every step of the way. I'm honored that she has agreed to stand beside me.

Next we have BM Nikki T. Like BM Claire Bear, Nikki T and I have been friends since age 5. Legend goes that we met the first day of kindergarten (morning class, natch) and by recess we were holding hands down the slide. Nikki is so great because we can go for so long without talking, but pick right back up when we see each other. She is one of the sweetest and classiest people in the world and I'm so thankful to call her my friend.

Third up is BM Tinkle Princess (aka Helen). She really will kill me if she reads that!! Helen and I became friends in 7th grade over our love for the Backstreet Boys. BSB 4 EVA!!! Thankfully we had different faves (Nick and AJ...can you guess who liked who?) so there was no competition. I'm so glad I had her to go through my awkward years with. We didn't care about what the "popular" girls thought, we just wanted to have fun. And if I could describe Helen in one word, "fun" would be it. She is the best person to laugh with. Her fierce wit and loyalty will be much appreciated on my wedding day.

Next is BM Ena. She doesn't get a funny name...sorry. Ena and I also have been friends since 7th grade, also due to the Backstreet Boys. Ena is just one of those girls who is always up for anything. She is one of my favorite people to go out with because I know it will be a night filled with laughter, crazy dancing, and lots of incriminating pictures. I hope my wedding night is exactly like that. Ena is also recently graduated with a fashion degree, so she might make her BM dress (which I have yet to blog about. It's coming!).

My college roomie, BM Greek Goddess Despina, is up next. Hands down I could NOT have survived college without her. We lived next to each other Freshman year and became fast friends. As you can see in the picture, we both have extremely curly hair. We always say that who would have thought that the two girls with the curliest hair on campus would become best friends and roomies? Despina has been in Greece since January so she's been gone for most of the planning, but she'll be home in August and I can't WAIT. I love to dance, but this girl can dance circles around me, which I look forward to seeing at the reception.

Last, but definitely not least is BM Breezey, my FSIL. Ugh I can't even type this because I'm going to cry (damn you, Breeze.) Ok, I took a break. BM Breeze and her brother are very close. Repeat: VERY close. It took a while for her and I to become close. I now know that she was protecting both herself and her brother. Ugh damnit...break again. Cannot cry at work. Ok, that was the last one. Anyway, after a lot of crying and a lot of talking, Breeze and I are closer than ever. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply proximity-wise. It seemed like as soon as she and I got close, she fell in love with a guy in Baltimore and moved away. I'm so happy for her, but I wish I could see her more. I'm so glad she is one of my bridesmaids for many reasons, the least of which being she's doing my hair!! But also because I know that whatever I ask of her, she will make it happen. She is one of those rare people who will, to quote Tim Gunn, make it work. And I am sincerely grateful for that. I can't wait to call her my sister :)

I personally can't think of a better bridal party...but I might be a bit biased. Picking my maids was a no-brainer. How was it for you?

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