Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few good men

Now that I've introduced you to my hot 'Maids, it's only fair that you get to meet the 'Men, too. Let me start by saying that I love BRG's friends. They have welcomed me into their very tight circle and for that I am forever grateful. They are crazy, wacky, hilarious, and all-around good guys. With them around I have no doubt our wedding day will be filled with a million laughs. I originally asked BRG to write this, but I seriously doubt he actually will. If he does, I'll edit this post to include his words.

First we have the Best Man, Mike (or Mikey as some like to call him.) Mikey is just the most lovable guy. I feel like I get to know him better every time I see him (which is only a few times per year because he lives in Indiana.) He and Josh have been friends for many years and I know he'll be an amazing Best Man.
Next are the Twins, Mike and Chris. Mike is actually getting married in less than 2 weeks and BRG is in the wedding! These two are literally insane. We don't get to see Mike often because he lives in DC, but we see Chris on a regular basis. Separated each guy is a hoot, but when they get together there is a perma-smile on my face. Factor BRG into the mix and you've got a recipe for trouble. Fun Fact: whenever they get together, they always grill "meats." If we get home from the bar at 2:30am, they're firing up the grill at 2:31am. It's just something I've learned to shake my head and smile at. Silly boys
Third up is Ryan. Ryan is probably the quietest guy in the bunch. But don't let that fool you, he has a great sense of humor and will zing you given the chance. Ryan and BRG swam together in high school and for a year at OU, and lived together for 5 out of the 6 years they both spent there. He was also Ryan's Best Man a few years ago. He and his wife MJ just had a baby about 5 months ago and he is so sweet!
Next is Griff. He and BRG actually share the same first name, and Griff is only part of his last name, but I refuse to call him anything else. BRG and Griff lived together for a few years at OU. He always greets me with "Hey sweetheart" which I just think is the nicest thing. He is a really great guy and I know he'll bring the fun on our wedding day. I couldn't find a pic of BRG and Griff, so here is one of ME and Griff!
Finally we have Tyrone. Tyrone is actually one of MY best friends, but he'll stand on BRG's side to make things symmetrical. I've known Tyrone since high school and he is out of control. He now lives in Florida and I haven't seen him in over a year, but we remain really close. This man literally thinks he is Beyonce. He's got moves like no one else I know. He's even mentioned (threatened?) that he will come to the wedding AS Beyonce. I'm not sure how some of my more conservative relatives would take that, but if he REALLY wanted to maybe preform I'd be OK with it. You may have guessed by now that Tyrone is gay. It pains me more than anything to know that he cannot enjoy the same rights that BRG and I can. I'm not trying to turn my wedding into a political statement, but part of me wants to include a message about marriage equality in our programs. Whether I do or not, I cannot WAIT to have Tyrone there on my wedding day. He is such a special person.
We're um...close.

Our wedding day is going to be so amazing with all of these wonderful people around us!

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