Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flower Power: The Maids

I know I haven't introduced my BMs yet, but I have asked 6 lovely ladies to stand with me on my wedding day. Since I'm going with a mostly white bouquet, I'd like them to carry mostly green bouquets. Here are a few of my inspiration photos. Again, I suspect many came from The Knot, Project Wedding, and possibly Style Me Pretty. If you know where an image came from please let me know and I'll credit it accordingly.
In the first two pictures the girls are holding Bells of Ireland. I really like how they look grouped together, but the first florist I spoke with was a bit skeptical. Apparently they are very long flowers and it would be sort of awkward to cut them. He also said that the flowers in the pictures were the most full he's ever seen. Basically he said it probably wouldn't work out. No prob, Bob. I got lots more ideas.

I pretty much told both florists that my only requests were green flowers and no roses. Roses are fine, just not for me. Both florists mentioned green hydrangeas, green cymbidium orchids, and other various green flowers whose names escape me.

To be honest, I didn't think I would get excited about flowers, but suddenly I am! Particularly...centerpieces! Coming up next!

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  1. I love the whole look of the BMs in the first pic. Love green bouquets as well--very cute!