Saturday, July 4, 2009

A very special holiday

Happy 4th of July! Today is not only the day we celebrate our nation's independence, but also the day BRG and I celebrate our 1-year engage-aversary! I just thought of this...should I get him a card? Oops. I just want to take this time to write a lil somethin' to BRG (which he may or may not see...I don't know if he reads this.)

Dear J,
Can you believe it's been a whole year since you asked me if I wanted a sparkler? These past 12 months flew by. I can only imagine how fast the next 11 or so months will go. Thank you for sticking by me always. It hasn't been the easiest year for us, but we've made it work and we're all the more stronger. You've been my shoulder to cry on, my ear to vent to, and my arms to hold when words wouldn't do. I'm so glad we will be able to always celebrate the day you asked me to marry you with fireworks. I hope to not only see, but also feel those fireworks for many many years to come. By this time next year we'll have said our vows, partied with our friends and family, honeymooned somewhere fabulous (and hot), and celebrate our 41st (yes I just counted) day of wedded bliss. I cannot wait to call you "husband." I love you :)


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