Monday, July 6, 2009

All by mysayeeeyeellfff

That is me singing Celine Dion, in case you didn't know. So remember this post from back in May? The one about me going crazy while BRG was away? Well, today I'm singing a different tune. My guy is in North Carolina until Thursday night for work and I'm actually kind of excited. Of course I'll miss him, but I'm really looking forward to some "me" time.

I've mentioned before that after a 6+ month bout of unemployment, I recently started working. The minute I gained employment, I lost all of my "me" time. And I'm a girl who loves her some "me" time. So for the next few nights I'm going to watch the silly shows he wont watch, stalk the WB Boards, and pee with the door open. (TMI?)

And just because no blog post is complete without a picture, here is one of us on the 4th of July.

Do you ever need a break from your FI? Just a bit of alone time once in a while?

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  1. Right now some time with him yelling at the xbox (here or not) sounds heavenly :D