Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dressing the 'Maids

So now I've introduced you to my fabulous BMs, I'd like to discuss what they'll be wearing. To be honest, I have no idea! Well, that's not entirely true. I know each of the 6 girls will be wearing a black cocktail length dress, but I can't show you which one because they will be choosing their own. This morning I sent an e-mail to the girls to give them each others contact info and show them examples of dresses. Here are a few (I'm pretty sure most are from Nordstrom, and no, I don't remember the dress name/style number. Bad bride, I know.)

My bridesmaids are a variety of shapes and sizes, so I knew I couldn't pick just one dress for all of them. I also know that "traditional" bridesmaid dresses are crazy expensive. Allowing my girls to pick their own dresses means they can spend whatever they can afford. I can't wait to see what they all choose, I know it will be fabulous.

Are you going for a "non-traditional" BM dress?


  1. Most definitely nontraditional! I really like the dresses you picked because they are an assortment of styles. I'm in the same boat bc my BMs are all different styles so it'll be hard to pick one dress style they will all feel comfortable in. My personal favorites are 1 & 3 counting from the top! =)
    Just make sure they are the same designer so that it's all the same shade of black. =)

  2. The choices you posted are very cute! I wanted to do non-traditional, but it was hard to find the color I needed--so I went the traditional route, but they all wore different styles--so I got to switch it up a little bit :)
    I love when the BMs look different--and are wearing something that fits their own personal style.

  3. I love this trend! I think its so cute when I see pictures of BM's on different dresses and yeah not every dress fits every body type :) I'm actually making my MS's dresses, well if they want to lol :)

  4. I saw you on someone else's blog, and I thought "Burning River Bride? She's gotta be from Cleveland." Awesome to see a neighbor on here.

    I love the BM dresses! I've been planning a similar concept for my girls (black, cocktail dresses, letting them pick their own in unique designs so they determine their own budget/rewearability/comfortability) although due to some recent changes in plans, I'm probably going to scrap the little black dress idea. Still plan on letting them pick their own - they'll just have actually colors to look for now.

    Very cool! Stay classy!


  5. I love them! Are you going to have them wear fun shoes?

    I think I don't like that it's kinda bulgy shaped. I'm probably being totally OCD about it! I think if I tape them tightly way up close to the bloom that would fix the problem. I feel so much better that someone objective likes them! My mom didn't want to hurt my feelings, so she just said it was perfect but I know she didn't care for it.

  6. Nice picks! I'm sure the girls will love the dresses and they can wear them to other weddings.

    I did something similar. I bought fabric in India and just suggested some styles to the girls from Jenny Yoo and Dessy. They liked picking it out themselves so I'm happy.

  7. Very cute!!
    (I found it all by myself! haha)