Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sharp Dressed Men

Now that I've introduced you to the men who will be standing next to BRG, let's talk about what they'll be wearing. I've never been a fan of the tuxedo, really. They're ok for others, I even like seeing BRG in a nice one, but they're just not for me or BRG. Especially the matchy-matchy ones. You know, where the vest and tie match the BM dresses which match the bride's sash which matches blah Not in my wedding. If Stacy and Clinton have taught me anything, it's that clothes don't have to "match" they just have to "go." With that in mind, we're asking the men to wear their own black suit. If they do not own a black suit, they can purchase a new one, preferably the same one BRG will sport, as he is buying a new suit for the occaison.

Honestly, I think it's completely fair to ask the guys to buy a new suit if they do not already own one. Guys get off so incredibly easy when it comes to weddings. Usually all they need to do is rent a tux and show up. Girls? Have to worry about a dress that they have to keep, alterations, hair, make up, shoes, jewelry, etc. That adds up! We'll be gifting the guys ties, pocket squares, and possibly socks (more on that in a minute.)

Here is a picture that illustrates my vision pretty damn well. I thought I was being creative with the pocket squares...guess not.


I love cool sock shots. Especially when paired with a great bridal shoe shot. Here is what I'm envisioning.


Hopefully the guys will humor me for a day. I mean, I'm feeding them and getting them drunk, after all! Our bridal party is going to look great, dontcha think?

My only problem (if you can call it that) is we're unsure of what color tie BRG should wear. White? Black? Green and black patterned? He wants to stand out...his words.

So fess up...whose wardrobe was harder to choose? Boys or girls?


  1. The girls were harder to choose--it took hours search for the right color & fits. The boys we just went to Mens wearhouse and went with what looked good on the mannequins lol

  2. We're doing the same for our handsome gents! Have you seen those really cute silk screened ties? Maybe you could get BRG a silk screened one and everyone else could wear a solid one?

  3. Ah, I have a feeling we'll have harder time with the boys! My girls have done this before and I know all I have to tell them is a few guidelines and they will be well on their way. Boys? Well, my FI's friends have more "particular (OK, I mean expensive)" taste than any girls I know! I still wouldn't feel right asking them to buy a new suit, but we're having a destination, thinking about just asking them to buy matching slacks that they can wear again in future.

    As per ties - my brother wore a solid blue while his groomsmen wore a striped tie that matched in hue. I thought striped will overpower the solid, but it totally didn't!

    Good luck!