Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burning River Wedding: The Ugly

When I returned to my room at the Marriott I was starving and exhausted. I scarfed down some mixed nuts provided by the hotel and kicked myself for not giving myself an OOT bag. I probably could have hunted down some food, but I was drunk and knew I had to get some sleep. Also, my cable wasn't working so I drunkenly called the front desk (trying to sound as sober as possible) to find out the problem. Apparently all of Northeast Ohio was experiencing a cable outage. Fantastic. Luckily it started working soon after that phone call.

Because of said drunkenness, I knew falling asleep wouldn't be a problem at all. "Man, I'm gonna sleep goooood toNIGHT," I thought to myself. HA! Ha ha ha ha ha WRONG. SO WRONG. Sure I FELL asleep with no problem, but staying asleep? Yeah, that was a different story.

How about I just let my tweets tell the tale (with a bit of commentary from me thrown in). Please take note of the timestamps:

Again...HA. Ha ha ha ha ha Emily you are so STUPID.

I ended up falling asleep right around midnight. I was so excited at the prospect of getting over 6 hours of sleep the night before my wedding! But then...

 I knew I was tweeting to dead air, but I had to get it out.

I tried EVERYTHING I could to fall asleep. I turned on the TV. I read from a book (My Fair Lazy, Jen Lancaster. Buy it!) I played Bejewled on my phone. I went pee (sorry, TMI). Nothing worked and as the hours passed, I knew this was bad. 

Sometime around 5:30-6:00 I fell asleep. My alarm was set for 6:45. When it went off I hit snooze a few times and ultimately woke up around 7. I got up, showered and nearly passed out/threw up while doing so. I was shaking and I was a mess. 

After I got out of the shower I called BM Bree to see if she had any food left over from her OOT bag and if she would bring that and a pop to me when she got to my room. I'm sure I sounded pathetic as I was on the verge of tears. Not long after, I tweeted this:

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Bree arrived with a granola bar and a pop a little before 8am. As the girls filtered into my room one by one, I sat in bed crying, thinking this is NOT how my wedding day was supposed to start. Oh, and it was raining.

Burning River Bride Tip #5: Wherever you stay the night before your wedding (hotel, parent's house, etc), make sure you have some food for a midnight snack. I know if I'd had a bit more food at my disposal (even a damn candy bar) I would have fared a bit better in the sleep department.

Brides: how much sleep did you get the night before your wedding? Brides-to-be: promise me you'll learn from my mistakes!!

Next Up: I suck it up and get ready.


  1. Oh lady. We had all the bridesmaids stay in my suite that night so although there were 3 of us to the bed, I slept like a puppy from about 1 until wake up. We would have gotten to bed much earlier but the groom and my best friend from HS were both in the room and we were all laughing and having a great time. (The girls finally kicked them out.)

    I didn't want to be alone the night before and it was extremely comforting that us gals slumber partied together just like the old days.

  2. Ha! I didn't drink at ours (because I don't drink, but I SHOULD), but I didn't eat for three days and almost passed out while we were taking photos on my wedding day. Someone made me eat bread, which I remember complaining about b/c it was going to give me a food baby while in my tight dress (I ate three bites, it didn't). We went to McDonalds as soon as the wedding was over. In my dress. CLASS-Y!

  3. I was starving as well but still too nervous to eat when I got back to the hotel. I was also awake from about 4-6am before falling back asleep for another 2 hours. HAHA we could have emailed each other and keep each other company while awake on our wedding morning :)

  4. My biggest fear was that I would get too excited the Thurs/Friday before the wedding...drink too much... and feel like crap the morning of the big day. Somehow I was able to control myself...haha. I drank a TON of water Thursday and Friday...I made sure to eat most of my dinner the night before...and I paced myself with the beers.
    Two of my BMs stayed with me the night before...but they hit the bars while I hit the sheets around 11:30. I took a sleep aid...one I got at the dollar store...and I'm not sure if that did it but I was out for the entire night. I woke up a bit when my BMs got back to the hotel..but apparently I was just speaking jibberish.
    Oh and it was thunder storming the morning of my wedding :)

  5. Oh you poor thing. I am afraid this might happen to me--when I get going (having a good time), I usually don't want to stop. I must must MUST remember your story!

    P.S. I love that you call it pop. I call it soda! :)

  6. To answer your question I live in Woodbridge VA. I actually grew up in MD, I lived in Bethesda til I was 8 then moved to Gaithersburg. My older brother lives in Bethesda.

  7. Thanks for the tip! I am having an afternoon wedding, so I'll have to be up extremely bright and early on the big day and I do NOT do well with no sleep. So, I'll take your advice!

  8. I will DEF take this advice. I know I'll be the same way. I keep telling myself if I only drink 1 glass of wine I can take a Tylenol PM when I get home to make me sleep. ;)

  9. LOLLLL at "oh how the mighty have fallen!"

    I adore the SCREEN CAPS lol. I ended up going to bed early that night cause I was tired!

  10. You poor thing! I went to bed at a pretty normal time, but I had to fight my in laws to do so... they wanted me to stay and party with them in their hotel room.

  11. Awww! This post made me both feel sorry for you and laugh (sorry!). Your middle of the night tweets to no one were pretty funny though! And if your wedding pics are any indication, I'm guessing you were able to get over your hangover in time for the main event!

  12. You're too funny (and by funny, I mean your tweets were, but you're funny, too). But, I feel bad that you felt bad on the morning of the wedding.

  13. Making a note to myself :) Maybe I should share this with my hubby-to-be haha!

    We call it "pop" too :)

  14. UGH how I relate to this! Not the drinking part though. I fell asleep about 11 pm on the night before the wedding I think (maybe 11:30). But I was up at 3:30 am!!! And never fell back asleep - AT ALL! I finally got out of bed at about 6 or 6:30 am and just felt God awful. For no reason other than I think I was just nervous and anxious or whatever. I sat with my head between my knees trying not to feel nauseous or pass out. We stopped at Starbucks and got me a mocha and a muffin and a little oatmeal. I tried to pick at it and just kept trying to find something to do to keep my mind off of feeling like crap!

    I too said that this was NOT how I was supposed to start out my wedding day. Thankfully, for the most part, it got a lot better other than the few moments right before the ceremony and the end of the ceremony at which both times I felt I was going to pass out...but by that point, I think it was the weight and strangulation of my corset gown that was making me feel that way :)

  15. girl i swear we had the same rehearsal dinner drunken experience. i got LOADED. People were buying me shots and special mixed drinks -- then we ended up at The Rooftop Bar at The Standard hotel where I drunkenly slipped the bouncer a 100 bill so we could get everyone in for cheap. Then people bought me more shots, a margarita, rest is hazy. I have pics of me laying on the floor of the bar. mike and i got into a fight (i was still pissed at him for not sending the ceremony script to our officiant). anyway, we got back to the room around 2 AM -- I passed out, ended up running waaaay late for the makeup/hair appt the next morning and mike and i had to talk about the night before, do our apologies, etc. it was a fun night but i do NOT suggest getting that loaded the night before your wedding. the next morning was rough. by the time 4 PM rolled around I was feeling 100% better, but the afternoon of getting ready could have been much more enjoyable for me. we're so BAD!!