Friday, August 20, 2010

Burning River Wedding: Let's Rehearse!

We were miraculously still on time after our nail appointment. My mom and I arrived at the Marriott a bit after 3pm, checked in, and got ready for the rehearsal. My bridal suite (which I took zero pictures of) was awesome and huge and totally perfect...but of course I didn't have time to enjoy it because we had a rehearsal to get to!

A couple weeks before the wedding I called Windows to see if it might be possible to have the chairs and stage set up for the rehearsal. Because our ceremony space was a bit nontraditional I felt it was really important for it to be set up for the rehearsal. Well, the venue coordinator told me that unfortunately the space couldn't be set up because a prom was being held in our room that night.


Say what? A prom? Well that's just fantastic. That meant there would be a bunch of tables and chairs set up where my ceremony (and subsequent rehearsal) was to take place. The venue coordinator was less than accommodating in helping me find a solution for this little conundrum but luckily I had Brenda, my amazing DOC, to save the day.

When we arrived at Windows the tables were moved out of the way and Brenda had taped off where the aisle and stage would be. It wasn't perfect, but it would do.

Once everyone arrived it was time to get started. I told myself that I had to give up control of the rehearsal to Brenda and our officiant Peter or else it wouldn't be pretty. I'm so proud of myself that I was able to stick to this! I let Brenda and Peter run the show and it went *so* well.

Ok I know all anyone really cares about are pictures so here are a few from the rehearsal. I'm better at writing captions, anyway.

Peter had us stand in the order we would be in the next day.
You can see the tables and chairs on either side of the picture, as well as the tape marking where the stage would be.

Wheeee! Look who figured out how to make collages! 
After lining up, we recessed and made our way up the stairs.

Then we practiced the processional and realized that the song I'd chosen for the Bridal Party to walk to was the PERFECT length. Hell yes, Emily :)

Dad and Mom, so uncomfortable. In that 2nd pic I'm smiling up at my savior, Brenda. 
Also, I apparently don't know how to link arms correctly.

All in all we had a super-smooth rehearsal with zero tears, stress, or yelling! Ok, maybe a few tears of "Omg this is it!!" but no drama :)

Burning River Bride Tip #3: If you can, give up control at your rehearsal. Hand over those reins and sit back. I'm a total control freak in most instances, but this time I knew I had to let it go so I didn't have a bunch of people hating me. 

**My fabulous mother-in-law took all of these photos and I'm so incredibly thankful to her for doing that. I basically handed my camera over to her and told her to take pictures of everything. That's Tip #3.5, I guess: Give some one a camera and tell them to shoot!

How was your rehearsal? If you have a doozey of a tale to share, please do!

Next up: We eat! And drink...


  1. If you didn't while reading, you should really click the collages to enlarge them. The faces in a few of those pics are kind of priceless.

  2. I love all the pics!!! Everyone looks so happy! At my rehearsal I felt like everyone had better places to be. It was annoying and disconcerting. UGH.

  3. OMG. I was such a manic control freak at mine. But I had to be..we didn't have a DOC or wedding planner or anything...I was it. And my husband was goofing off with his friend the whole time (who was our officiant) and I may or may not have freaked out and yelled at him to PLEASE help me out by paying attention and not goof off and the guy's wife may or may not have compared us to Kate and Jon Gosselin, which almost got her ass kicked. I don't talk to her anymore.

    Wow, most random comment ever.

  4. Amen to giving someone the camera. It was nice to have something to look at that night!

  5. Yes, I wish we would have had someone video taping or shooting our rehearsal as well. Unfortunately, it didn't go so great since our pastor didn't show up until the very end! There was a lot that didn't get rehearsed that definitely didn't go as I had planned on the wedding day...but no one knew any different. I actually wish I would have been *MORE* in control at the rehearsal so I would have been sure to get what I wanted...sigh