Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Burning River Wedding: All Dressed Up In Love

One of my wedding day requests was to have all of my bridesmaids dressed before me. I really don't like seeing getting ready shots where the BMs are in their "street clothes" or pajamas helping the bride get ready. Personal preference, I guess.

Once my girls were dressed it was time for me to get in my gown! Eeeeeeee!!!!!

There was a bit of a...problem, though. I'd forgotten my Spanx at home. While I didn't need them to smooth out anything under my dress (my dress was very structured and could practically stand up on it's own), I knew I needed something to prevent friction on my inner thighs because my dress was so tight. I should have (and could have) asked some one to drive back to my house to get them, but I didn't want to mess up the schedule so I figured I would be fine. HA. Ha ha ha ha. Again, I'm an idiot. I'll talk about that in a future post.

Anyway, I ended up wearing a black thong under my dress. It really was all I had but it honestly worked out fine. I guess.

No one was really offering to help me in my dress, just standing around awkwardly, so I asked my mom to help. I knew she wouldn't speak up on her own, but I knew it was something she really wanted to do.

That other blond woman is our DOC, Brenda. I LOVE HER. 
Ps, sweet bra cups, right?

Since I know not everyone wanted to see my goodies, I manged to stay fairly covered up while putting on my dress. Here was my approach:

-Wear undies, tank top, no bra, and robe.
-Step into dress.
-Remove robe.
-Hold up dress to chest and carefully remove tank top while trying not to eff up hair and/or make up.
-Zip that baby up!

I spy a tramp stamp! Ooooh scandalous!

This is my "Please dear GOD let it fit" face. 
Can you see my MIL in the background sitting on the couch? She's so cute.

As my beautiful friends looked on adoringly,

I put the finishing touches on my look

and became a bride.

Burning River Bride Tip: have a game plan for getting dressed. Ask yourself some questions: who do you want present? Are you OK undressing in front of a ton of people or would you rather do it more privately? Is your getting ready outfit easy to get out of? These are things you may not consider until you're faced with them, so if you're still engaged definitely take a few minutes to develop your game plan.

Next up: We take a few in-room portraits and a little blue box arrives!


  1. I had no game plan. You are so smart.

  2. You looked so gorgeous!

    I had a game plan, but my sisters effed it up. But whatever. I'm slowly getting over it (obviously). And my dress had to go over my head because of the slip I was wearing under it so my getting dressed pictures are definitely not as graceful as yours!

  3. Monistat Anti-Chaffing Powder Gel. It's a miracle for thigh rubbing. I swear by it any time I'm going to be in a skirt...and moving.

  4. great tips!
    "Getting Ready" with my girls was one of the things I was looking forward to most! We had quite a bit of time between getting our hair done and when I needed to put my dress on...so we just sorta sat around and relaxed. Well then when it came time to actually get dressed with our photographer there half my girls were in the bathroom putting on makeup and fixing their hair! On top of that...my mom was no where to be found! I think she was off getting ready herself...I guess I just assumed everyone would be ready to go and there to witness the "dressing".
    It worked out ok though...I tend to be stressed when I have a bunch of people watching me. My two personal attendants helped me into my dress and it worked out great!

    oh and I was totally running around in spanx and tape boobs the mins before the dress went on...unfortunately no pics were snapped to document it :)

  5. You look lovely! I had a similar pantie's episode. My dress was very tight around my hips and the seamstress told me to wear spanx or nothing at all. So this may sound really weird but I forgot and walked away on my way to the altar wearing hot pink bikini underwear that definitely showed but as soon as we got into the car my MOH and I did some quick thinking and I slipped them off discreetly while she put them in her purse. So yes um I went commando to my wedding lol. Even if I had of had a thong it would have shown, so a brides gotta do what a brides gotta do ...

  6. Gorgeous! And good tips for getting into your dress while others are around! Our photogs were male, so I popped into the bathroom to slip into my dress, and came out to get laced into the corset for pics.

  7. Sigh...love your dress. And you did well with sneaking into your dress without flashing anyone! I didn't have such luck...but at least it was just me and my mom in the room!

  8. Such amazing tips for sure! I actually had my girls all dressed before me as well. I had them all get hair and makeup done before me, then me. Then while ALL of my girls got me dressed, my mom got her hair and makeup done in the same room so she could watch.

    I also wasn't shy about getting undressed in front of everyone...whatever. I had 6 girls, my mom, my hair stylist, 3 photogs and 2 videographers all in there while they were dressing me. And the 6 girls were each doing something to help. It took my sis and cousin to get me in my gown. Meanwhile, 2 other BM's were putting my jewelry on me and another was putting my garter and shoes on me. :) It took a while, too so it was a good thing I had my army with me :)

    I love your photos...so pretty and you look gorgeous for sure!

  9. You didn't want to see me all did up in my fubu and street wear?

    street clothes. you are too funny.
    and you already know how hott i think you look, friggen always. cuz you are the hottest bride ever. Well second to how hott I'll be :)