Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Burning River Wedding: Pre-Wedding Fun!

We have our pro pics from Ted and Rachel so I can *finally* start recaps. Actually wedding day recaps will have a wait a bit because I want to talk about the days leading up to the wedding first.

Josh and I wanted to spend as much time with our friends from out of town (and in town, of course) as possible before the wedding. We had people traveling from Ft. Lauderdale, NYC, San Antonio, Phoenix (that is nowhere near an exhaustive list) - literally all across the country.

The Thursday before the wedding I invited some friends to come over to my house for some pre-gaming and then we hit the town. And by "hit the town" I mean we went to the bar we ALWAYS go to when we're in Lakewood (my hometown.) Fun times and more than a few drinks were had by all.

Ready to wed!

Josh and BM Ena.
They love each other and secretly I think they *want* each other!

BM Ena, me and Tyrone. We used to call each other the Three Musketeers. 
Summer 2005 with them was the best summer of my life

Added in BM Helen :)

Mary, BM Helen and me. Mary flew in from Texas for the occasion!

Dancing on Tyrone. 
This is very normal and despite his face, he loves it.

It felt a-mazing to get out with my best friends for a few hours. I was able to forget my stresses and the details and just *enjoy* myself. The beers didn't hurt, either :)

Burning River Bride Tip #1: If you're not too busy, and hell, even if you ARE too busy, take some time to spend with your friends and family before the craziness of the wedding begins. Whether at your favorite watering hole or your house, your friends will be so happy to spend time with the COH (Couple of Honor. Just made that up!)

*All photos by me. Please don't take them and pretend to be me and or my friends.


  1. Girl, you are HOT.

    I definitely agree, if you can, you should try to spend time w/the people that traveled to see you. We were lucky in that only one couple had to travel, so we spent time with them the day after the wedding. I think it made them feel more included.

  2. Love that first picture of you and Josh! We hung out a lot with my best friend (MOH) and her boyfriend the week leading up to the wedding, but unfortunately it was mainly just working on last minute projects. It was still fun to have them over and spend time together, though!

    I am SO excited for your recaps!

  3. First - you suck for not sharing even just one teaser pro pic! Come on, lady!

    Second - I adore these photos. Especially Tyrone...so fun!

    Third - Fabulous advice. I really wish we would have had a little more planned for fun hanging out time with the friends before the wedding. The guys did go play some frisbee golf and a few girls did the nail thing together and of course we had our hang out lunch the day after the wedding. But it would have been nice to just get out and let off some steam!

  4. Looks like a fabulous time ;) It is definitely a great idea to hang out with the people who come into town if you have the opportunity!

  5. Tyrone is so fab and I'm going to make you send him out here to start some fun in Indy!

    PS you and your hubby are an adorable couple!