Sunday, October 11, 2009


I need to lose some weight. There, I said it.

My dress doesn't fit. There, I said that, too.

This weekend I visited my dress (and my mom, too). I wanted to try on my dress with my shoes and other accessories. Needless to say, the dress was TIGHT. Like, tighter than when I got it back in June. So tight that sitting or bending was a huge no-no.

If you were to see me in person I'm sure you would say that I definitely do not need to lose weight. I'm 5'5" and 128 lb. For me, that's a lot. That's what I weighed back during my 2nd and 3rd years of college. But that was beer weight. This? Is lazy-ass shitty-eating weight. And I simply cannot weigh that much if I expect to get into my wedding dress.

So I'm going to make some changes. I have a severe carb addiction that I'm hoping to kick. I can't (and won't) eliminate carbs from my life completely, but I know I'm eating too many of them. I'll have to get over my hatred for veggies and force them down. Portion control has never been a problem for me, but there is always room for improvement. I've already cut out regular pop and I only drink 1 can of Diet Coke per day. And the biggest step I'm hoping to take is...dun dun dun...working out. Ew. I abhor working out. When I was in college I walked EVERYWHERE. And Athens, OH is full of hills, so I was walking a few miles every day, up and down hills, with heavy books. So Josh and I are going to start Jillian's 30 Day Shred:

We watch The Biggest Loser every Tuesday so I'm expecting a lot of yelling from Miss Jillian. Gah she scares me. But I *think* I'll be able to handle it, and with Josh doing it right along with me, we should be good to go.

I haven't decided if I'll be tracking my progress on here or what. I need to be held accountable, though. Ideally, I'd also like to find food blogs or sites that focus on healthy eating. Any suggestions?

Here goes nothing!


  1. I loooveee Jillian, and I am a big fan of her DVDs. The first one I did was No More Trouble Zones....oh my goodness. It's a 45 minute intense, non stop work out and it gave me abs for the first time in my life. I highly, highly recommend it. I actually do 30 day Shred 1x a week and then No More Trouble Zones 1x a week and run 4-5 days as well. If I don't have time to do No More Trouble Zones then I Shred. You will love it, because you see results sooo fast! She doesn't yell, but she's not all "You're doing so great!" every 5 seconds either. It's a good balance, I think.

    Good luck, you can do it! I certanly don't think you need to lose any weight, but I've fallen off the wagon lately and I know how you feel.

    I love I don't do Weight Watchers, but the recipes are awesome. The shrimp stif fry is sooo good!

  2. I think the stress melts away a 5 or so pounds in the last couple of weeks, which helps. I would have sworn the opposite would have happened to me, but it seems to help in the end.

  3. This is a great step for you. The Encore Bride and I have started a challenge with the 30 Day Shred. Check out my post about it and join us, it starts tomorrow. This may actually work for me now that I have some work out buddies :)

  4. I was worried about my dress too, but the month or so before our wedding, I shed about 5 pounds. Good luck with the challenge, you'll do great!

  5. buah ha ha, this is why i got me a corset dress. Cuz i suck like that.

    Yes you still need carbs. Don't forget. But, you don't need them at dinner. My healthy dinner is now grilled chicken/fish/lean steak/veggie burger and....yep, grilled, steamed, raw, etc veggies OR a salad. You just don't need bread at 6pm. Try taking some classes at a local gym? I always feel like i must work out harder if all those other people are suffering with me. The in-shape women motivate me just as much as the fear of being *that* woman in the back wearing the spandex shorts. You know, the one who shouldn't be

  6. Aha, another person that is diving into the Shred workout! I keep hearing so much about how awesome it is...and I know that it is going to be on my to-do list to purchase very soon! I was planning on tracking progress on the blog when I do start it...I think it might be cool to see a transformation...take pictures every 5 days or so...something like that! Definitely am interested to hear how it goes for you!