Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Dress Search, Or, How I Tried On a Gazillion Dresses Before Finding "The One": Part 2


The title for these posts are ridiculous, I know. But it's true, it felt like I tried on so many dresses and none of them felt right. Eventually I thought that I just wasn't meant to have that "ah-ha" moment, so I did not expect to have one. And in the end, I really didn't.

My dress search ended for a few months while I finished up at school. In January I went with SIL/Bridesmaid Bree to Doreen Leaf Designs Bridal Salon. This is the place were I ultimately found my dress, but not where I bought it. I wasn't overly impressed with their customer service and would rather give my money to a place with nice people. I guess that's not really fair to say because my consultant was very nice, it just wasn't the best experience. Anyway, Bree and I were able to take pictures this time. Unfortunately, I don't have the names or style numbers of any of the dresses. Here we go! All photos are from the camera of Bridesmaid Bree.

This one was a serious contender. I loved the detail on the bust which continued around the back. I also loved the buttons going all the way down the train. In the end, it just didn't feel like me. It wasn't fitted enough for my taste and felt too formal.

This one was just...a lot. In the beginning of my online dress search I was convinced that I wanted lace and beading and sparkles and girlie-ness. Once I started trying on dresses that fulfilled these requirements, I was just not that into it. By the way, it didn't help that every dress I tried on was AT LEAST 2 sizes too big. I mean, I guess it's not the worse problem to have, but it kind of sucks that you can't see exactly how something will fit. Especially something with a pretty hefty price tag. Anyway, it just kinda felt weird on.

This dress was too A-line for me. If it had fit a bit more snug around the tush it could have been a contender.

OK...this was the STRANGEST dress I tried on. It had this weird semi-detachable part to it, with random snaps. I have no idea. The three of us (me, Bree, and consultant) just looked at it with puzzled faces and decided to move on.

In the end, I tried on 2 dresses that day (the first one in this post, and another not pictured) that I emailed to the most important girls in my life. The consensus was clear--they loved both but felt the one not pictured here was the one for me. Here is another teaser:

Boobies! Ha. Up next...the big reveal!

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  1. I have to say though that I LOVE the 1st dress on you! It's very glamorous!