Thursday, March 19, 2009

So what's this about a "burning river?"

I'm from Cleveland. My city is known for a few things: the sucky Cleveland Browns (there's always next year...), the bi-polar Cleveland Indians (the 2007 playoffs broke my heart), LeBron James (we're going all the way this year, baby!), and the burning of the Cuyahoga River. Now, I don't know the story really, and I don't particularly care. I know it actually burned a few times years and years ago. So. Dirty.

I decided to call my blog "Burning River Bride" because our wedding is on the banks of the infamous Cuyahoga River. Can't get more Cleveland than that! Our venue has HUGE windows, hence it's name which I'll talk about in a later post. These windows will allow us to look out at our majestic river and reminisce about our great city (sarcasm, anyone?). Our burning river is so famous, there is even a beer named after it.


I've never tried it, but from past experiences with Great Lakes Beer, I assume it tastes pretty close to the actual water in the Cuyahoga River. I'm a sassy bride today, aren't i?


  1. Burning River is actually one of the FI's favorite microbrews! He loves Great Lakes. =D

  2. I love the Eddie Fitz (Edmond Fitzgerald), we have it up in MI!