Thursday, March 19, 2009

About Us Part 2

When I left you, I saw a young man who looked vaguely familiar approaching me. Luckily, it WAS Josh. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. In his pictures he had facial hair and it was something that I thought made him very attractive. In person, he was clean shaven. We had an awkward hug, shared a few awkward sentences, and went on our way.

A few days later, I agreed to meet up with him at a bar. As I approached him, I again was disappointed. WHAT was he wearing? I knew if this was going anywhere I'd have a lot of work to do in the fashion department. We had a really fun (read: really drunken) night at the bar. We continued to talk all the time and had our second bar date about a week later. Again, massive quantities of alcohol were consumed (apparently I was trying to impress him with my drinking abilities) and we had our first kiss. Due to our, um, drunken state I decided I would pretend that I "didn't remember" and hoped he would do the same. A few days later, he invited me to his apartment to watch "The Notebook" (I know). That is when we had our first "real" (read: sober) kiss. It was fabulous and sparks definitely flew. We had our first "official" date a few weeks later and by November 24, 2005 we were boyfriend/girlfriend!

I definitely made him work for this, huh? My heart was definitely guarded as I had just gone through a rough break up as well as a dumping from a guy I thought I had some kind of a future with. I even told him, "I think I'm scared to like you." I really just needed to let it go, and finally I did. And look where we are now!!

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