Monday, March 2, 2009

About Us

I suppose I should explain who Burning River Bride is, as well as my Burning River Groom. Ha, he'd think that was so manly. Our story is not the typical, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, blah blah. We met, dundundun, online! I guess these days it's not all that unusual, but I think it still has a bit of a stigma attached to it. However, whenever I tell some one, I'm usually surprised at their positive reaction. Sure, I get a lot of eye rolls, but I'm surprised at how many have similar stories.

Our online avenue was MySpace. So stalker-ish, I know. He messaged me during the summer of 2005 and we began an online friendship. We both went to Ohio University, but he was older so I figured he'd be able to give me booze and a place to party. At the time, I was kind of seeing some one (clearly that did not work out) and I considered our correspondence to be purely platonic. I think he had other ideas. Once we returned to school that fall, he asked EVERY SINGLE DAY if I wanted to hang out. I'm not exaggerating. Did I want to have lunch? Did I want to go to dinner? Did I want to come over and watch a movie? Every day. And every day I said no. I had running dinner and lunch dates with my best friend (and now bridesmaid!) that I didn't feel comfortable breaking for some guy I'd never met.

One day were chatting online while he was in class. Class was about to end and I was about to go to dinner. We said our online goodbyes and I headed off to dinner. The building his class was in happened to be located right by my dorm. As I walked out the door, I noticed a guy who looked familiar (remember, I'd only seen pictures at this point) and as he walked closer I nervously said "Uhh, Josh??"

To be continued...

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  1. My fiance and I met online too =) I had just had a really bad breakup and wanted to get out there again, so posted an ad up on Craigslist... and (among a multitude of weird/creepy old guys) Jacob responded... the rest is history. =)