Friday, May 8, 2009

It all started with a message: The first meeting

As soon as school resumed that fall, BRG started asking if I wanted to hang out. He was constantly asking "Wanna have dinner?" "Wanna watch a movie?" "Wanna come over?" My answer was always no. I felt bad because he was trying SO HARD, but I had a long-standing lunch and dinner date with my best friend that I didn't feel comfortable breaking for some guy I met on the internet.

One day we were talking online while he was in class. The building his class was in happened to be right by my dorm. His class was about to end and I was about to go to dinner so we said our virtual goodbyes. It was at that point that I think fate stepped in. As I exited my building I saw a guy approaching me who looked vaguely familiar. Remember, I had only seen pictures of him. In those pictures, he had facial hair (something I was instantly attracted to). This guy...did not. We both smiled awkwardly and I said "Josh?" as he said "Emily?" It was him! I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed in how he looked. It turns out, he shaved for a career fair he attended that day and he hated it as much as I did. YAY!

That first meeting was brief. I'm sure he remembers better than I do, but I think we went out for the first time later that week. After a few drunken bar nights (I told you things at OU get crazy) we had our first (drunken) kiss. I pretended not to remember, and I think he did the same. A bit later, he asked me to come over and watch "The Notebook." Sneaky sneaky!! We had our first "real" kiss during the movie. He's a sly one, I tell ya.

The rest is history. We had our first "real" date in late October, become "official" on Facebook over Thanksgiving, and have been together ever since!

Here is a picture of us on our first Halloween. Also, Halloween is HUGE at OU. Google it.


  1. he asked YOU to watch the notebook? my fiance shudders at the mention of the notebook and refuses to watch it (although i secretly think it's because he'll bawl like a baby and he knows it)

  2. Too cute about becoming "official" on Facebook! I remember how badly I wanted to update my status to "engaged", but not before the important folks were notified first. :o)