Thursday, May 21, 2009


*Note...this is kinda long but worth at the end!

Before I begin this post I just wanted to say that BRG is at a bachelor party this weekend (not his) out on a lake in Kentucky (or Tennessee...whatever) and I need to keep myself occupied. This might mean lots of posts. Yay! This could also mean no posts which probably means I'm drowning my sorrows in Nutella and wine. Boo (or yay depending on how you look at it). I think blogging about the wedding and our relationship would be theraputic and remind me not to freak out because I love and trust this man and I know he wouldn't do anything too stupid. That was probably a run-on sentence. Not a good sign. OK...on to the main event.

Last summer I didn't get out of school until the middle of June (damn you, quarter system), had a week off, then went back to school for a week to take a class (4 credits in 5 days? Yes please!). By the time I came home for good for the summer it was the first week of July. My favorite holiday was right around the corner...4th of July!! It's my favorite holiday next to my birthday, of course (February 19; I accept gifts year round.) I have great memories of 4th of July in my hometown. The parade, the fireworks, the fun! As I got older I thought it would be so cool to get engaged on the 4th of July. My mom has a party every year for th 4th. Perfect! I *may* have mentioned this to Josh when we started getting serious.

Let me give you some real quick background about a few things before I continue. Sometime in June I got into a really big fight with my grandma. She lives next door to my mom (blessing/curse). I did something she didn't like and she freaked out (really, it was a minor thing but my grandma can be very childish at times...I love her anyway). Also, her birthday is July 3. She likes to pick fights around holidays and birthdays. See where this is going? Right.

So July 3 rolled around and my grandma and I hadn't spoken since the fight a few weeks prior. The fam went out to dinner, I wrote her a nice card for her birthday, and I thought it was over. Her words after she read the card? "I'm coming to the party tomorrow. I'm not going to tell you why, but you'll find out." Well, that all but sealed the deal and ruined the surprise. I played it off by saying "Oh for the free food, huh?" but in my heart I knew what she meant. She not only said this in front of me, but in front of BRG, my mom, and my uncle. I didn't mention it again that night, but I think everyone knew what she meant.

The next day I was actually extremely calm. I thought that maybe it was something else she was talking about (ha, right) or maybe he would postpone the proposal because of what she said. Regardless, I didn't know how or when during the day he would do it so that part was still a surprise. The guests arrived, every one was eating and having an all-around fun time. Next thing I knew, BRG was standing in front of me with a sparkler. "Hey, BRB, want a sparkler?" I looked at him with a puzzled face. " Why would I want a sparkler?" For a split second I thought that maybe there was a ring on the sparkler, but there was nothing. So I waved it off as him being silly. Big mistake. He responded with "Well, what about a different kind of sparkler?" Next thing I knew he was down on one knee, saying something about marrying me. I think responded with a few "shut ups" a few "NO NO NOs" and finally with a "YES!" We hugged, we cried, and I put that ring on my finger! Here are a few pics from that day:

Look at my mom in the background! I was a little upset that he didn't wait until she was out there to ask, but I don't think he could have waited one second longer.

My mom's best friend Jenna is in the background. I love her face!

Hugging one of my best friends and bridesmaids, Nikki. We've been friends since kindergarten...18 years!! She had no idea this was happening. I was so glad she was there :)

Notice the subtle left hand placement.

Two families, coming together. I wish my FSIL Bree had been there, but she was on tour rockin' the east coast with her band.

And of course, the gratuitus ring shots:

I took these with my mom's super nice camera.

I love love LOVE my ring. Borderline obsessed. OK, that's a lie...DEFINITELY obsessed. One carat center stone, 3 smaller stones on each side.'s perfect.

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